Apple watch series 2

Rs. 34000.00 (approx)
Rs. 34900.00 (approx)

Quick Specs:

  • The device is water-resistant up to 50-meter square. Runs on S2 dual core processor. Built in GPS and GLONASS is available.

Talking about the Apple products is always good. Now here we are going to discuss and review about the latest Apple series 2 smartwatch. This is fitness band cum smartwatch designed to look awesome.


The Apple series 2 watch looks identical to the series 1. It comes with interchangeable watches as well as different sizes for men and women. It still has the digital crown for scrolling selecting things going back to the launch face and Siri what’s up. It has the secondary button which now takes you to the widgets or shortcuts basically for apps. The back of the watch is made of ceramic. It has a speaker and a microphone.

Apple Watch Sport Design

The only difference from the older Apple watch is it is much thicker and a bit heavier and that is all because of bigger battery and size. The shape of the dial is a rectangle. It is the customizable screen. The device is available in a small and large size of 38mm and 42mm.And the water resistant is perfect and when you submerge in the water and take it out and you scroll the button, it pushes out all the water inside the mic.


The Apple Series 2 comes with a black and white display. Comes with an Ion-X glass. This is 2 times brighter OLED Retina display with Force Touch. The size of the display is 1.5 inch. The shape of the dial is a rectangle.

Apple Watch Sport Display

It is provided with various features such as Different Display Style (Mickey Mouse, Simple, Motion, Solar, Astronomy, Time Lapse, Photo, Photo Album, Modular, Color, Utility), Retina Display. It got the pretty high resolution too which is much better than other android wears.


The Apple Series 2 GPS smartwatch is a dust and water resistant and ingress protection rating of the IP68 model. Runs on Watch OS 3. The device is water-resistant up to 50-meter square. Runs on S2 dual core processor. Built in GPS and GLONASS is available. The device is Com

Apple Watch Sport Features

It is provided with Pace Alert, Vibration Alert. It is provided with Digital Crown Heart Rate Sensor, Accelerometer, Gyroscope, and Ambient Light Sensors. Notifications for Messages, Calendar, Activity, Phone, and Mail is available. The notification type is gentle tap alert. It is supplemented with a 3hrs.

It comes with 3 hrs talk time with a battery life of 18 hrs, 72 hrs (Power Reserve), 48 hrs (Time Piece), 6.5 hrs (Audio Playback), 6.5 hrs (Workout). Available Direct fire speaker and microphone. Available Wi-Fi (802.11b/g/n 2.4GHz), Bluetooth 4.0.


It is a decent fitness watch and the Apple has improved in how all of the fitness data is brought together from various applications. As long as the app allows, you can have all of your workouts and activity data stuff show up with an Apple health. So that way it’s a more comprehensive look at overall wellbeing.

I thought it was going to be all complicated but the Apple made it pretty straight forward now and it doesn’t even matter whether you record it with Apple device or not, you can see all in one spot. So that’s good and we are seeing other improvements with Apple health in terms of being your activity tracker the Apple watch gives you three different goals through by just moving and the calories burned will be identified. You can easily get around 2 days of battery backup which is very impressive. The thing is the battery display is always off until you raise it. That is one of the disadvantages where I cannot peek whenever you want by working or something.

You have to do the movement and wait for a second. Talking about the design you will feel the 42mm size best for both women and men as this looks very small. The crown buttons help to zoom and scroll which is better. It is nice scrolling where your finger doesn’t cover the display. Sometimes it doesn’t feel as fast as Moto smart watches.


Finally, if you are looking for a fitness smartwatch in Apple then this is the best choice and if you looking for just a smartwatch the series 1 is ok. The battery and the GOPS tracker is excellent. And this watch can be used for sports like swimming etc. We always expect the price of the Apple to be higher and this reaches the expectations. The price of the Apple Watch 2 series is just Rs 32,900/- for 38mm size and Rs 34,000/- for a 42mm size.

Apple watch series 2 Full Specifications

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