Wokit DZ09-141 Smartwatch and Fitness Tracker

Rs. 1299.00 (approx)

Quick Specs:

  • The Wokit DZ09-141 comes with a colorful TFT display which is a capacitive screen. Supplemented with a resolution of 240x240 pixels which is very good.

Budget smartwatches were the trend for many and this is an initiative in applying technology to the watch. And it is slowly gaining importance. However some companies have come further more to give best performing low budget smartwatches and Wokit has a small share in this category. Let’s get into the detailed review of the WOKIT DZ09-141 smartwatch.


Like all the low-end smartwatches, the Wokit DZ09-141 also comes with same design pattern and even the quality is same. It is like Elegance, Bingo all are from the same manufacturing unit. Or it is like changing the name and selling. Jumping into the regular design details, it has a rectangular dial with different colored straps like the brown, white and black color.

It packs a full HD display. The straps are provided with steel buckles. The dial is encased in a bronze colored body which is quite attractive. The smart watch comes with a home button on the bottom panel. The inbuilt mic is also available. Secondary noise cancellation mic is also available.

Wokit DZ09-141 Smartwatch and Fitness Tracker review

It is the customizable screen. The weight of the device is 75grams. At the back comes the sim card slot and the SD card slot. This watch is ideal for Men, Women's, Girls, Boys.


The Wokit DZ09-141 comes with a colorful TFT display which is a capacitive screen. Supplemented with a resolution of 240x240 pixels which is very good. This is an ultra HD display.

Wokit DZ09-141 Smartwatch and Fitness Tracker review specs

The shape of the dial is a rectangle. The display looks vibrant and sharp. This is a multi-touch capacitive screen. This is a 1.54-inch capacitive screen.


The Wokit DZ09-141 smartwatch cum fitness tracker which supports a sim card. Features like a Ringing reminder when you receive a call, Ringing reminder once your mobile phone disconnected, Display the number or name of incoming calls, Ring reminder when Android smartphone receive a message are available. The device supports Android, iOS, Windows operating systems.

The available 2.0 MP primary camera is given Supplemented with a 512MB RAM with an internal memory 32GB and expandable up to 32GB. The operating range of the watch is 10m.  The smartwatch is compatible with android, iOS operating systems. The smartwatch supports Bluetooth. Accelerometer, Gyroscope are available. 

Supports languages such as English, French, Spanish, and Arabic. It is provided with a Blue tooth, GPS, and Wi-Fi. Only 1-month warranty is available. Available call features are Reject & Mute Calls, Pre-defined SMS, and Take Call.


This is a low-end smartwatch with a wonderful display having a full HD resolution. The battery backup of the smartwatch is good enough. The watch looks decent and can perform all the basic functions like calling, texting etc. 

It is easy to use the watch. The display is bright and visible in outdoor lighting conditions. At this price segment, this is a good watch to buy. But remember it does have only one month warranty period.


ü  Display

ü  Design

ü  Low price


û  Only 1-month warranty


The overall performance of the Wokit DZ09-141 smartwatch is good and it got a wonderful design. It is available at a price of Rs 1,400/-@ Flipkart. And the UI is simple to use.

Wokit DZ09-141 Smartwatch and Fitness Tracker Full Specifications

Wokit DZ09-141 Smartwatch and Fitness Tracker Reviews

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