Videocon VC090P 80 Ltr Direct Cool Refrigerator

Quick Specs:

  •  -Removable Anti-Bacterial Gasket

    -No door-open alarm
    -Reciprocatory Compressor

Refrigerators are so ingrained in our daily life that no one affords them a second glance as opposed to the times when it was a status symbol. Refrigerators are so under-appreciated that they are only noticed when they stop working. But, noticed or unnoticed, the refrigerator has now become an inseparable part of our modern lives. The Videocon VC090P is a compact refrigerator with a small capacity of 80Ltr.

Videocon has been providing cooling solutions for quite some time now. This is the review of the Videocon VC090P 80Ltr direct-cool single-door Refrigerator here. This is a reliable refrigerator backed by Videocon’s experience and expertise over the years. The refrigerator keeps doing its job efficiently day after day. It is available at a price of Rs. 8,200/- in online stores.


The Videocon VC090P is a direct-cool single-door refrigerator with a capacity of 80L. The body is made of strong ABS plastic and painted to a high PCM gloss. The Silver Hairline finish is a silver-grey faux brushed metal finish. Its door features Vinyl Coated Material (VCM) finish that uses a unique gravure printing method with transparent ink that enables multi-layering. It looks attractive and the colour pops because of the gloss.

There is no break in the brushed-metal pattern anywhere on the body. The handle is molded into the body and is painted a dark Gray colour to make it stand out. The visual cues express the purpose of the dark strip over the top edge of the door. At the back, the cooling coils are hidden behind a plastic panel, but the compressor lies exposed for better air circulation around the compressor. On the inside, there is a temperature control knob beside the freezer compartment.

Videocon VC090P 80 Ltr Direct Cool Refrigerator review

There is one bottle rack and two utility racks one of them has the egg tray. There are two wire shelves inside the body which can be arranged into various combinations. The top of the vegetable tray at the bottom forms the third shelf. The refrigerator door features a lock. The Videocon VC090P stands on four rubber feet which give it stability and grounding. This refrigerator weighs in at 24kg.


Videocon VC090P 80 Ltr Direct Cool Refrigerator review specs

The Videocon VC090 does not have a star rating. But it performs exceptionally well regardless of the fact that it does not have a star rating. Videocon refrigerator is powered by a reciprocatory compressor coupled with Direct Cool technology. Express cooling is not supported here. There is a manual knob for adjusting and maintaining the cooling temperature.

Videocon VC090P 80 Ltr Direct Cool Refrigerator review specs and price

The removable anti-bacterial gasket ensures a tight seal thereby increasing and maintaining the cooling and energy efficiency. There is no open-door alarm which is a puzzling omission, as an open door wastes energy and increases power consumption. The rest of the features work as advertised.  The Videocon VC090P does not require a voltage stabilizer to protect the refrigerator from voltage fluctuations.

           INSIDE THE BOX:

Ø  Videocon VC090P Refrigerator

Ø  User Manual

Ø  Warranty Card

Ø  Keys for the built-in lock


µ  Removable Anti-Bacterial Gasket.

µ  Built-in voltage stabilizer.

µ  Reciprocatory Compressor.

µ  Flexible tray configuration.

µ  Deodorizer.

µ  No Stabilizer required for operating.


«  No door-open alarm.


The Videocon VC090P has a small capacity of 80Ltr and it will serve the needs of a bachelor pad or a small office quite effectively it is compact and can fit into the tightest of corners with ease. The Silver Hairline colour looks quite attractive and makes the refrigerator look more expensive than it really is. Flexible shelves and a deep vegetable tray add to the utility and provide an excellent value for the buyer’s money.


§  Performance: 4 Stars.

§  Value for Money: 4 Stars.

Videocon VC090P 80 Ltr Direct Cool Refrigerator Full Specifications

Brand Name Videocon
Model Name Videocon VC090P 80 Ltr Direct Cool Refrigerator
Model ID VC090P
Star Rating 3
Deodorizer Type Direct Cool
Capacity 80 L
Type Single Door
No of Doors 1
Body Features
Shelf Material Toughened Glass
Door Handle Yes
Refrigerator Compartment Features
Number of Shelves 2
Egg Tray Yes
Freezer Features
Ice Tray Yes
Weight 35 kg
Net Height 437mm
Net Depth 460 mm
Net Width 796mm
Other Features
Other Features Na
Warranty 1 year product warranty

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