UE Wonderboom Portable Speaker

Rs. 6999.00 (approx)

Quick Specs:

  •  -Portable form factor

    -10 hours battery life
    -Available in a variety of attractive colours

Sometimes you require a portable sound system which you can just throw into your bag and carry it anywhere you need to go without worrying about the weight. If the sound system works without any wires or any power source and is waterproof, it is the cherry on the proverbial cake. The UE Wonderboom is a portable wireless speaker which provides a powerful music performance. It also has some pretty nifty tricks up its sleeve which we will look at later in this review. It is also available in the variety of colours. The UE Wonderboom is available at a price of Rs. 6,999/- in India. Let us take a closer look at this speaker in the following review.


The UE Wonderboom is a portable speaker. At 599g it is not exactly light, but the weight has a reassuring heft. One can make out the build quality just by holding it in hand. It is a cylindrical speaker shaped like a barrel. With the exception of the bottom and the top, it is really all just speaker. The cylindrical shape enables it to have a 360° surround sound. The power button resides on the top of the speaker along with the ‘Double Up’ button. The volume controls are interestingly placed on the side of the speaker. They are marked by the huge ‘+’ and ‘-’ symbols which are hard to miss.

UE Wonderboom Portable Speaker Review specs price

The bottom of the speaker is rubberized so that it can have a stable base and not shift around while playing music. There is a loop built into the top side so that it can be attached to a hoop or be carried on a hooked finger. The loop and the volume signs are colour-matched and are of a different colour than the body of the speaker. Overall, in the design review, it makes for an attractive youthful look.

UE Wonderboom Portable Speaker Review Price


The UE Wonderboom is a powerful performer Its small form factor belies the level of output it is capable of churning out. It has a 360° musical output. It is completely wireless and can play music for 10 hours non-stop on a single charge. When the charge runs out, it can be recharged using the charging port concealed behind a rubber flap.

UE Wonderboom Portable Speaker Review Price specs

It is IPX7 certified, making it waterproof and dustproof. When it gets dirty in mud or dirt, it is just a question of rinsing in water to get it clean again. The UE Wonderboom delivers big sound! It has to trick up its sleeve which instantly doubles the sound output. It supports UE’s ‘Double Up’ feature. It can connect with a second UE Wonderboom or any other UE speaker which supports ‘Double Up’ feature and can instantly deliver double the sound output.

UE Wonderboom Portable Speaker Review Price in India

It is a great feature to have and is really useful for party scenarios. It also connects wirelessly to any compatible music source. It maintains a wireless connection from as far as 30 meters, which is quite a long distance. The performance of the UE Wonderboom will satisfy even the fussiest audiophile with a clear distortion-free output.

           INSIDE THE BOX:

·         UE Wonderboom Portable Wireless Speaker

·         Charging Cable

·         User Manual


ü  Portable form factor.

ü  Amazing build quality.

ü  IPX7 waterproof certified.

ü  ‘Double Up’ feature for double sound output.

ü  10 hours battery life.

ü  Available in a variety of attractive colours.

                  CONS: None


The UE Wonderboom packs a big punch in a small portable form factor. The amazingly long battery life of 10 hours makes it an ideal companion for long listening sessions or parties. Its ability to connect with other speakers wirelessly is a big plus when there is a need for even more sound output. The price is reasonable for the features it offers. It will definitely offer excellent value for the buyer’s money.


·         Performance: 4 Stars.

·         Value for Money: 4 Stars.

UE Wonderboom Portable Speaker Full Specifications

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