HealthMax 02-GD Fitness Tracker Smartwatch


Budget smart watches is the trend going on in a wearable. The HealthMax 02-GD smart watch is found to be one of them. This is really cheap, really fun, and does a lot of cool stuff. Of course, this smart watch looks quite a dummy but does it really work.


The Healthmax 02-GD smart watch comes with a rectangle dial which is made up of full HD display with multi-capacitive touch screen. The dial is encased in a stainless steel body. The smart watch comes with a home button on the bottom panel.

HealthMax  Design

The button is in the gold colored finish. The band provided is made up of silicon. Above the display, you will find a primary camera. The inbuilt mic is also available. The shape of the dial is a rectangle. It is the customizable screen. The weight of the device is 75grams.


The HealthMax 02-GD comes with a black and white display. Supplemented with a resolution of 240x240 pixels which is very good. This is an ultra HD display.

HealthMax  Display

The shape of the dial is a rectangle. The display looks vibrant and sharp. This is a multi-touch capacitive screen. This is a 1.5-inch capacitive screen.


The HealthMax 02-GD smartwatch cum fitness tracker which supports a sim card. It has an inbuilt memory of 32GB. The smartwatch supports Bluetooth. The watch is not dust resistant. Supplemented with a stainless steel body. It is provided with a Blue tooth, GPS, and Wi-Fi connectivity. It has 380mAh built-in battery.

HealthMax  Features

The watch is compatible with Android and iPhone (only limited extent). Comes with a Bluetooth version of v3.0. The operating range of the device is 10mts or 30ft. It has call features such as Accept/ Reject Calls, GSM. It is also provided with the 2Mp camera.

It is amazing that it also has some camera features such as Zoom, Effect Settings (Grayscale, Sepia, and Color Invert). It is provided with basic functionalities such as Calculator, Anti-Lost Feature, Audio Player, and Sound Recording.


Yeah, you are getting a fitness tracker at lower prices. Most of the time it works well during monitoring your fitness levels. It helps you to achieve your health goals.  You can also play music from the watch to your phone. This is a super screen with multi-capacitive touch.  You will be satisfied with its amazing performance. And you can’t expect to get more from such a low price tag.

It gives around 12 hrs. Battery backup on a single charge which is good. The design is also impressive. The best thing about this device is it can send messages and make a call with the help of a sim card.


The overall performance Of the Healthmax smart watch and the design are perfectly awesome. It does have the mind-blowing display with full HD clarity. The pricing is accurate. However, there are some cons as well as some pros to the device. It is available at a price of Rs 1,300/-@ Flipkart.