SD No.1 X9-G2 Smartwatch

Rs. 1449.00 (approx)

Quick Specs:

  •  -Camera quality is not great

    -Latest Bluetooth V4.0
    -Health tracking features
    -Water resistant

Smart wearables are the future of mobile communication. They are the next logical step in the evolution of the mobile revolution that has exploded in the past 10 years or so. The mobile communication field is the fastest-evolving field with new innovations and upgradations happening almost every year. At this rate, smart wearables will go mainstream in a very short period of time. Almost all the major mobile manufacturers have their version of a smart watch in the market today.

They are all jampacked with sensors and health-monitoring tech in addition to offering the regular smart watch features. They are powerful computing machines in their own way. But they need to be connected to a smart phone in order to perform to their daily duties. The SD N0.1 X9-G2 smartwatch also connects to a smart phone via Bluetooth and delivers notifications from the phone through its display. It supports both mobile OS IOS as well as Android. It is available at a price of Rs. 1,149/- in online stores.


The SD No.1 X9-G2 looks very much like a typical smartwatch. It features a square dial and a square touch-screen display. The watch dial is made out of steel. The display is surrounded by a frame with a brushed metal finish. The black straps are made from silicon. The straps are easily removable without any tools and can be changed by the user without much hassles. The locking mechanism for watch straps is the classic buckle used in most watches.

There is a single square button located at the bottom of the display on the watch’s strap support. At the opposite end, the camera and the LED flash are embedded in the other strap support which is located above the display. There is a loudspeaker on the side of the watch and an integrated microphone. These are used while accepting or initiating calls from the smart watch. The watch feels solid and well-built.


SD No.1 X9-G2 Smartwatch Review

The SD No.1 X9-G2 has a 1.54” Super AMOLED square touch-screen display which features a resolution of 240 x 240 pixels. This gives it a pixel density of 220 PPI. The colours are well-saturated and the blacks are deep since AMOLED displays switch off whenever they have to display black colour. The display is bright enough to be visible in daylight. The display is protected by Sapphire glass which is much harder than regular glass. It helps in avoiding scratches and protects the display within.


SD No.1 X9-G2 Smartwatch Review price

The camera on the SD No.1 X9-G2 Smart Watch is a 2.0-megapixel camera which is supported by an LED flash. Both of them sit side-by-side in the strap support over the top bezel of the display. The camera is also capable of recording videos. Camera quality is what is expected from a small image sensor. Pictures are grainy and the shutter speed is slow which means that most of the pictures turn out blurry. This watch also features remote shutter which means that it can trigger the shutter of the smart phone to which it is connected.


SD No.1 X9-G2 Smartwatch Review specs price in india

The SD No.1 X9-G2 is a smart watch which connects to the smart phone and delivers notifications, calls and other pertinent information over Bluetooth. Calls can directly be answered on the phone. The phone sports a loudspeaker and a microphone for calling function. It features a Pedometer which counts the number of steps taken throughout the day. Additionally, it also features a sedentary alarm which prods the user to move about if they remain seated for a long period of time. The 32GB of expandable storage can hold quite a lot of songs which can be played on the loudspeaker. The Li-Ion battery keeps the phone powered throughout the day.


·         SD No.1 X9-G2 Smart Watch

·         Charging Cradle

·         Charging Cable


ü  Compatible with IOS as well as Android.

ü  Delivers actionable notifications from connected smartphone.

ü  Expandable storage up to 32 GB.

ü  Latest Bluetooth V4.0.

ü  Can record videos.

ü  Health tracking features.

ü  Water resistant.


û  Camera quality is not great.


The SD No.1 X9-G2 is a smart watch with the functionality of a mobile phone. It is full of useful features and for its price point it is a smart buy. With its utility and smart features, it gives excellent value for the buyer’s money.


·         Performance: 4 Stars.

·         Value for Money: 4 Stars.

SD No.1 X9-G2 Smartwatch Full Specifications

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