Samsung RS21HSTWA1 Side by Side 600 Ltr Refrigerator


Samsung introduces a Side by Side refrigerator with a capacity of storage space is of 554 litres and it follows frost free cooling technology it means these refrigerators allows automatic defrosting. This technology boasts powerful cooling on every corner of this refrigerator and it consumes less power also saves electricity. Samsung RS21HSTWA1 display colour is camellia white and front parades light pink colour flowers so the overall design is very amazing.

Design and display:

Thisfridge has acquires on 3 Door Bins or pockets,2 Drawers, and 4 Shelves out of which three shelves are coated inTempered Glass and 1 shelf is laminated in plastic substance. The tempered glass ledges are designed specially to support heavy items and this can grasp weight is up to 150KG. It also contains full height handle so it works conveniently on opening and closing of fridge door. Refrigerator outside panels fitted on LED Display control and it displays temperature and Twin cooling buttons so we can adjust temperature settings on high or low.

This appliance has equipped a 30watts x 2 LED display technology, The LED is placed on the interior of this refrigerator because the food items are identifying easily on inside of this fridge and it presents all groceries beautifully. These bulbs are releases no heat and useless energy than conventional bulbs.


This appliance has comprises of 2 disparate baskets such as 1 for vegetable drawer and other for fruits drawer as to fill small items like Apple, water melon, pears, banana, orange, mango etc.

This vegetable basket can be used to store ample space of favourite utensils or vegetable items and also loads non- vegetable items depending on our decision for example vegetable products like tomatoes, gingers, lemons, and green chillies, Arugula, kale etc and the non-vegetables have turkey food pieces etc.

One door refrigerators are provides an small sized vegetable & food zone box that can store less items and remaining products are stored in shelf’s but this refrigerator boasts a bigger sized Drawer. By using this box, to fill and latticed on more eatable items so the shelve space is free.

It has maintains optimal temperature on inside this refrigerator and effective cooling on every corner of different compartments simultaneously and to retain for longer lasting food freshness. This is called as Multi-Flow Technology. Samsungproduces an innovative Twin Cooling System that means both freezer and refrigerator operates an independently on two fans and two evaporators.

Both compartments support independent cooling and also ensure No mixing of odours on both sections, the food is always smells good. This freezer air stays dry and the fridge air stays humid so food containers are maintained in peak condition.

This fridge has contains a convenient detached Wine Rack, this rack is used to storeready to drink wines and to preserve optimal cooling.

The Samsung built-in open door alarm because our fridge door is opened in too longer that the door has not closed properly so it waste more energy and increases the temperature after spoiling the nutrition food. Once this alarm is used as to prevent these types of problems because the alarm informs alert notifications for you.

It also builds’ in Egg Tray container that saves conveniently and safely in egg son Egg Tray. It has assembles 1 Dairy compartment and it stores gallon sized dairy products such as milk, cord etc.

ThisSamsung has provides Deodorizer technology, this method is allows to activatescarbon or activated charcoal and it helps to remove perfectly on unpleasantness and to maintain original flavour of food in your fridge. Each time to open the fridge door we engross fresh and to absorb good smell.

Samsung RS21HSTWA1 feature is a twisted ice maker we get prosperity ice during summer environments. Refrigerant is R134a is used for environment friendly it means this product is no harm too zone layer. It has builds Cyclopentane insulation it helps to reducing green house gase missions which mean this fridge is supporting environment friendly nature and supports startling cooling.

Energy star and compressor:

Samsung RS21HSTWA1 has a 4 star rating and the compressor is equipped with a digital inverter technology so it yields effective energy saving, longer freshness, less noise, more durability. The compressor builds 10 year of warranty so we can enjoy it’s the performance is longer.


Samsung RS21HSTWA1 price is Rs.84,000 available in India.


Door Alarm.

LED light.

Multi-flow technology.

Twin cooling and Wine rack.

compressor noise is minimal.


No foldable shelves.

No water or ice dispenser.

No separate Cosmetics and medicine box.


 This fridge cost is very expensive but it builds more features such as Multi-flow technology, LED light, Door Alarm, and Twin cooling technology etc. It does not have separate medicine and cosmetics box and Water or Ice Dispenser.

Samsung RR2115TCABX Single Door 212 Ltr Refrigerator


Samsung introduces an another single door refrigerator that is RR2115TCABX, the dimensions of this fridge appear in 549x637x1427mm and the initial weight is 43KG after buying this refrigerator we can cache 200 liters of storage capacity. The defrosting type of this appliance is having the DirectCooling technology it means the food items in every corner of this refrigerator is maintained freshness and cooling. It has produced 5-star energy rating.


ThisSamsung has boasted one of the prominent future is Toughened Glass shelves, these shelves have stronger and once the Glass is fallen to the ground this is not damaging because that design makes durability and sturdy and we can store heavy edible items also the weight is holding at 150KG. The handle bar of this fridge is made up of chrome for expedient opening and closing the refrigerator door.

The design of this refrigerator sports a Stylish CrownDesign which lends enchanting look from the outside. Samsung RR2115TCABX fridge arrived in black color and the top displayed in floral (flower) model the overall refrigerator design is paraded pleasant gaze.


Outside of the fridge is covered with the high glossy finish and it comes rust resistant so you can use it very longer time without causing any damage and has the highest ability.

TheSamsung packs with an innovative cool technology, it helps the food is managed to prolong freshness while the power is cut or power is off for 4 hours continuously and delay the rise in temperature or lowering the temperature. The cool pack supplies a cold air on inside the refrigerator and precaution to our food items from spoiling quickly.

Inside the door, this fridge is using the Anti-Bacterial Gasket because which will not be allowed to on outside of bacteria on the internal side and it also slaughters breeding of bacteria and fungi. It works very well and clean.

Samsung has equipped on the inbuilt stabilizer. By using this stabilizer, it controls and protects our refrigerator from voltage fluctuations or power cuts. Voltage operates safely at 135-290V

Youcan saves our favorite beverage bottles with 2 liters so this fridge is applicable.

This refrigerator equipped with utility box type container that is to store sauces, juices and pickles in safe do not fall to down.

This refrigerator has designed with bottom up functionality for storing onions and potatoes.

When you positioned in the refrigerator with quickly bad items so do not spread that smell in that refrigerator user worry about that issue because this refrigerator is placed in Deodorizer functionality.

Another feature is chilled room, which gives a modish option for storing longer lasting freshness of food products and also maintaining optimal temperature on inside the refrigerator.

This fridge has sponsors a lock& key function and superior silky hinges.

The user to cheap medicines in this fridge like injections, tablets, syrups, etc and also saves personal care or beauty products like ponds, Himalaya, dove face wash etc.

Insulation of this fridge appears in Cyclopentane insulation that fortifies both refrigerator and freezer cooling in longer.


This machine price is Rs.19,400 available in India.


Health& cure box.

Base Stand Drawer.

No harm to the ozone layer.

Robust compressor.


No LED light.

6th sense fresh control.

No Dairy compartment.


A samsung rr2115tcabx refrigerator provides special futures as Base Stand Drawer, health& cure box and this characteristic is not present in Samsung RR2115RCAVL refrigerator. This fridge has not includes LED light and 6th sense fresh control.

Samsung RR2115RCAVL Single Door 212 Ltr Refrigerator


 SamsungRR2115RCAVL is a single door refrigerator and the defrosting type of this machine is boasts Direct Cooling technology with a capacity is 200 liters of storage. This fridge surface has laminated with the high glossy finish and it supports Rust Resistance Body Nature, it is possible to use a longer period of time without occurring any damage by using this refrigerator because of it provides the stronger capability. The weight of this appliance appears in 40 KGand the display color is Lilac Violet.


The ledge on this fridge appears in Toughened Glass these shelves have stronger, once the Glass is fall to the ground this is not damaging because that design is made durability and sturdy. We can store heavy food items and the weight is holding at 150KG. We get bar chrome handle type for convenient opening and closing this refrigerator door.

The design of this refrigerator sports a Stylish Crown Design which lends enchanting look.


The design of the fridge was builds in rust resistant so you can utilize with inflated longer period and the fridge coated in the high glossy finish so it displays very attractive and shiny in low light situations.

When your fridge door is opened at any time it does not enter the bacteria inside because of this fridge interior side positions with an excellent feature that Isanti-Bacterial Gasket.

When you placed important items in the refrigerator if then your home or office current is off or low this fridge offers an innovative technology for saving 4 hours cooling spontaneously.

This fridge contains big bottle guard allows to store 2 liters bottles. This produces a new range of feature for user to use put the sauces, juices, pickles. It displays like a utility box and the items are performed with safe and secure not fall to down.

This device has also contained Base Stand Drawer and this box is placed in the base of this refrigerator, the user can store extra space for storing onions and potatoes and these items do not need extra cooling.

In the refrigerator there is a functionality that it is fresh tech Deodorizer so you can utilize this for mostly in when you placed in perishable food items that are not spoiled fastly and once spoiled that bad smell is absorbs the Deodorizer and the smell is abolished through the top to the bottom refrigerator and it maintains clean.

The user can save the energy and current bills, that manufacturer was that issue on the mind Soit quilted the inbuilt stabilizer. The appearance of this fridge hinges are coated in a slick and the design is elegant look while the clean black makes the fridge is more durable.

In this refrigerator has appended the feature is Chilled room, which allows the chic option for cold storage of perishable food items, especially food to preserve them in longer and keeps a constant temperature on inside the fridge and also holds a long lasting freshness of food.

This machine has provided a separate compartment as health& cure box this is specially designed for the user to store medicines like injections, tablets, syrups etc and also hoard personal care or beauty products like ponds, Himalaya, Dove faces washes etc.By using this compartment, these type of products is protecting from heat and dust.

The refrigerator no harm to the ozone layer by using the R134a Refrigerant and it builds a milieu friendly nature.

Your fridge cooling is being more potent by the Cyclopentane insulation.

Energy rating:

The performance of this refrigerator is built 5 star Energy and it helps to savor Electricity Bill.


SamsungRR2115RCAVL price is Rs.18,400 available in India.


Fresh tech kit.

Stabilizer free.



 No dairy compartment.


No deodorizer.


 If you procure the fridge it apprehends a bunch of features that are chilled room, health & care box, fresh tech kit Deodorizer, Cyclopentane insulation.


Samsung RR2015SSBPX Single Door 195 Ltr Refrigerator



The Samsung RR2015SSBPX model is asingle door refrigerator with a storage space is of 185 litres and thedefrosting type of this fridge is Direct Cool. This technology provideseffective cooling on the inner side of the refrigerator and it consumes less poweralso saves an electricity. Weight of this device is 37 KG and the dimensions are534x540x1250.

Designand Display:

This fridge has contains 2 shelves, 1vegetable & Fruit Drawer, 4 door bins or door pockets,1 ice tray. Therefrigerator Shelves are covered with Toughened Glass material, it producesvery strong stuff and capability of holding food items are larger that weightis up to 150KG.The handle type of this machine is Surf-Chrome this is designedfor our convenience.  The surf-chromehandle helps to us, easy of opening and closing the refrigerator door and itworks smoothly. Top displays floral design and display colour of this fridge isOrcherry Blue.


Thisfridge body nature has appeared in Rust-Resistance and the design is coated inHigh GlossyFinish. It provides a high performance service for we used longer duration andthe machine is maintained a stronger capability.

ThisDirect cool refrigerator renders an Anti-Fungal Door Gasket, This coverstrength is averts the entry and growth of Bactria and fungi on the interior of fridge.

Ifthe power is off or low voltage on your house, standard fridges are allowscooling with 1 hour or 11/2 hours without opening to the door but this fridgeis offers amazing 4 hours continuous cooling so your vegetables are fresh for thatperiod.

ThisSamsung produces an inbuilt stabilizer for controlling the heavy energy so itcan save your refrigerator energy. 

Wecan use outside of the Peak on fridge is also. It has boasts splendid wideTable Top itmeans to provide larger utility space on the Anterior of fridge and we putshowcase materials, the top table is fully covers the upper part of the door toprevent dust from collecting between the door and the cabinet.

ThisSamsung caters spacious big Bottle Guard, it has stores larger bottles up to 2 littersof our favourite drinks or beverages like sprite, thumps-up, fonts etc.

Thisappliance has comprehends Small Door Guard, it is a perfect utility box tostore sauces and juices, pickles.

Ithas bundledwith extra space at the base of the refrigerator for storing Onions andpotatoes, these items are not require to store extra cooling.

Samsungfeature is Unique Fresh Tech Kit by using this, in our fridge is absorbs nastyodours and maintains an odour free environment, while preserving the freshness ofstored vegetables and fruits or other food items for a longer time.

Thisfridge hinges are covered in slick and the display presentation is elegant, itis more durable because this fridge has produces a clean back activity with asafety cover for the compressor so we can easily clean the back of therefrigerator.

Ifyour vegetables are not damaged quickly so the fridge is offers a stylishoption that is chilled room functionality. You can place the perishable food items or if any inthat room they are stored in longer time without any mutilate.

Thisfridge has sponsors a lock& key function and it assist to lock therefrigerator from our kids because the children’s are opened door inunnecessarilyand it eats secretly in flavours or pudding. To utilize these Lock & Keymechanism and to overcome those problems.

Thefridge is built in Cyclopentane insulation so inside of the cooling being keepseffective and do not flow cooling on outside.


This fridge has been granted a 5 Starrating by the BEE (Bureau of Energy Efficiency) and the power consumption is at255W, the BEE 5 star ratio is plays one of the most effective energy efficientrole on this refrigerator and that saves electricity and a running cost.


This machine price is Rs.18000available in India.


*Anti-Fungal Door Gasket.

*Rust Resistance body.

* High glossy finish.

* Stabilizer free.


*No Water and ice Dispenser.

*No Separate Egg Container.

* Noisy compressor.

*No health & cosmetics box.


This fridge handle grip is veryportable and the design is very effectual. The display of this fridge is makesfloral design so it looks shiny as compared to other compartments and it allotswith amaze balls traits that are innovative cool technology, rust resistance,Anti-Fungal Door Gasket, Cyclopentane.