Hitachi R-T350ENDK 1K SLS PBK 318L Double Door Refrigerator


Hitachi Company releases the stylish door series that is R-T350ENDK1K and it is a double door fridge.


These fridge shelves are bedecked with TemperedGlass shelves and the color is paraded black finish.


This has led to Air Jet Flow technology that designing purpose is to throw chilled or cooling air on the freezer to refrigerator shelves and to maintaining our food is hygienic.

In the refrigerator it has convenient functionality for the user which means the consumer to store a vast amount of vegetables on double deck vegetable storage space this is to be set with optimal cooling for control the heavy moisture levels and you can store 31litres of vegetables.  

In this fridge when as comes high temperature with suddenly then the Eco-ThermoSensors are detected the inside and outside temperatures after to control the temperature levels by the microcomputer as it maintains constant cooling levels.

You can want large ice cubes at any time without any tension because of this fridge gives inside on double ice trays for you then you can make with ice tubes conveniently. 

Suppose if your fridge transmits with more cooling on top to bottom but in vegetable drawer maintains optimum cooling no need to worried about it because it has equipped with moisture crisper drawer so your vegetables are protected with longer without any damage.

On the front side of the fridge, it offers a smart control dial as you use it you can change the temperature with low or high based on your needs.

Suppose one of the items is damaged in your refrigerator that smell is spread to another item then your fridge does not have Deodorizer functionality but that problem not arises this fridge because it has equipped with Deodorizer functionality.

The refrigerant of this refrigerant is R-134a and it has a door lock key functionality, CFC free.

This fridge is building with a convertible compartment that feature is not possessed in any other standard refrigerators. Based on your cooling requirement as you can transmit rapidly in chillier mode to vegetable mode.  Chilliermode can place in milk, fish, France, cool drinks etc. and vegetable mode for storing of more fruits and vegetables.

Energy Star:

User to get 2 star energy rating.


This appliance cost is RS 32000 available inIndia.


Slide out the chilled case.

Electronic Control.


smart control dial.

Blue digital display.


 You can place the item in either shelf or anywhere but you forget, do not feel about that issue because this fridge interior is attached to the wide lamp light. That appliance is not having a smart control dial, blue digital display.

Hitachi R-T310END1K 289L Double Door refrigerator


Hitachi has introduced the new double door refrigerator with a capacity of storage space is 289 liters and the defrosting type of this appliance is boosted withFrost Free technology.


These fridge shelves are equipped with a tempered glass shelf and the fridge colors are arrives in silver and black colors.


Hitachi fridge brings to preserve your food is from over cooling or uneven chilling because it has equipped with Air-Jet Flow Technology that maintains superior cooling on top to bottom so the food items do not get with decay. It spares a Big vegetable tray for we store plenty of vegetable items and the consumer can set the vegetable mode by using convertible compartment,  he/ she enjoyed with a double deck storage space for you stocking more vegetables as compared to the before not changing in this mode.

This refrigerator feature is Eco Thermo Sensor that detects continuously the temperature changes in inside the machine, whenever a change is absorbed multi-sensor then the microcomputer (electronic control) responds instantly to adjust optimum cooling power for efficient energy saving at all environment conditions like summer, winter, and rainy seasons. It has consisted of Twisted Ice tray for making convenient large ice cubes whenever you need it and also removes ices easily.

This fridge is producing a big vegetable compartment with 2-way humidity controller that controls the heavy air circulation and to manage optimum humidity levels inside of the fridge so your food is saved healthy and nutritious. On the front of the fridge compartment, we can change the temperature settings lofty and short by using Smart control dial. This fridge will give promise for you for eliminating 99% bacteria on inside because it has placed in Deodorizer functionality. It utilizes an R-134a refrigerant and it boasts a door lock key functionality, CFCfree.

This fridge lifestyle is designed with based on customer desires and it equipped with gorgeous functionality that is a Convertible compartment, the user can switch easily in chiller mode to vegetable mode depending on your items cooling where to be located. Chiller mode is placed with top position and vegetable mode is positioned with lower case


This fridge cost appears in RS29, 000 in India.


twisted ice trays.

Big beverage packets.


No child leaking alarm.

No quick freezing.


 On my slant, this fridge is very helpful for you because your items are placed with securely from your children which mean this fridge comes with a double door so you utilize in two doors.

Hitachi R-T260END1K double door 251L refrigerator


HitachiR-T260END1K double door fridge capacity of storage space is 251 liters and the defrosting type of this appliance is frost free technology.


These fridge shelves are garnished with Tempered glass shelves and the color is displayed in black and silver.



This appliance has equipped with Air Jet Flow which provides that every corner allows smoothly chilled air and this technology surely advice in the care of your foods are fresh for longer time. your vegetables as of stored in neatly by the refrigerator arranged with big vegetable tray and you can save huge vegetables on refrigerator they choose the convertible compartment after to select the vegetable compartment so you enjoyed with the help of double deck storage space for we storing a lot of vegetables.


If the fridge door is opened then flows cooling air to the outside as well as warm air in inside then your vegetables are spoiled quickly. This situation is to be overcome by designing with this fridge is Eco-thermal sensor it recognizes the temperature changes and then the microcomputer provides a superior cooling for efficient operation of all temperature levels and without damage to yourself as vegetables. 

The refrigerator has designed with twisted ice tray for as you convenient to collect large ice cubes. In this fridge 2-way humidity controller was installed in the vegetable drawer for a longer time your vegetables are maintained freshness and it builds optimum cooling.

This fridge gives a new functionality that is smart control dial, depending on your need you can’t open the fridge door then he/she set the temperature with higher low while using smart control dial functionality. It is useful to look like a TV remote.

This refrigerator has a Nano Titanium Deodorizing functionality that eliminated promptly from bacterial forms and bad smell in your refrigerator. It has generated a lock and key functionality, CFC freee and used in R134aRefrigerant. We utilize the big beverage pockets for storing bottles and some any items.

It has contained a convertible compartment, user to shift easily in chiller mode to vegetable mode depending on your items coolness, for example, we located on fruits and vegetables in vegetable container you should be aware of some of how much temperature is needed that products in lower position then after you can set the perfect temperature and that items are not harmed rapidly it conserved longer time.

Energy star:

We acquire a 1-star energy rating.


This fridge cost is RS 26,000 available in India.



*Airjet flow technology.


*No door alarm.

*NoFront Jet Freezing.


 In this fridge, you can catch worthwhile feature which means Air flow technology purpose of the designing is this fridge flows perfect chilled air in freezer through refrigerator so your vegetables maintain fresh for longer and without any damage to food fastly. 

Hitachi R SG37BPND GBK 390L Multi Door Refrigerator


Hitachi company has promulgated the 3 door refrigerator and this storage capacity is 390litersof space. The Defrosting type of this appliance is equipped with frost free thawing.


R-SG37BPNDfridge shelves are embellished with Tempered Glass shelf and the color flaunts a Glass black finish.


This Hitachi embedded a3- way flexible shelf or foldable shelf for storing of various size items that we can place on regular usage products like fruit pieces, small honey jars etc. Too folded for storing in tall item bottles, also caches the large pots and bowls so you can use and adjust the shelf in any style for your needs. This fridge interior flows uniform cooling for keep and saves food products for longer freshness because that has implemented with air-jet flow technology. Hitachi convenes anAutomatic Ice maker Functionality that is user to fill the tank in the refrigerator with water and it makes ice cubes are automatically so this function is used in mostly in summer vacations. There is a bottle corner which provides precise space for storing flasks.

When the user is opening fridge door for too long or that portal is not closed properly so this fridge is provided one of the best features that are Chill Leaking Alarm and it also prevents the leakage of outside cooling air. This appliance is a CFCfree, therefore, it builds an Environment-Friendly nature and does not releases the any Harmful gasses. This refrigerator feature is Eco ThermoSensor that diagnoses continuously the temperature changes in inside the machine, whenever a change is absorbed in multi-sensor then the microcomputer responds instantly to adjust optimum cooling power for efficient energy saving all environment conditions like summer, winter, and rainy seasons.

It has operated in a quick freezing mode that flows cooling air quickly on whatever we have placed items like non-vegetables and dairy products. This mode prevents the food from losing nutrition and taste due to leaking so it purveys flavor food. It includes a Slide out Fresh room which maintains vegetables and fruits healthy for a longer span. This Fridge has gives a secondary storage space for storing a lot of fruits and vegetables that are organized well and this feature is not boasted in any conventional refrigerators. This has provided an extra 31Liters of storage space. It is called as Double Deck Storage space.

This fridge features with InverterControl technology for effectively and efficient cooling on selecting the optimal temperature. It has equipped with a jumbo vegetable tray for capable of detaining up to 7 bottles of 2-litre capacity. This fridge has provides a high moisture cooling it maintains the optimum level of humidity in the storage compartment and capable of retaining nutrients on the stored food items. It uses R600a and it built noise free and this fridge gives 99% bacteria free removing assurance by Nano titaniumDeodorizing functionality.

The one-touch control panel is placed in right above the handle it is easy to see and manipulated fully with your hands. On the internal side of this refrigerator has placed in LED light for low light situations because consumer to identified easily on which items to be located.

Energy Star:

This refrigerator has a 4-star energy rating.


HitachiR-SG37BPND fridge cost is Rs.60,000 available in India.


3-way flexible shelf.

AutomaticIce Maker.


No water dispenser.

Noice Dispenser.


 If you purchased this fridge you can obtain 390 liters of 3 door storage capacity so consumers can store a lot of products either fish, France, ice creams, chocolates, curries, chutneys, and vegetables, dry fruits, milk, curd etc but the cost of the fridge is RS 60,000 available in India.

Hitachi R SG31BPND GBK 366 Litres Multi door refrigerator


Hitachi has equipped with three-door refrigerator with a capacity of 336liters of storage and the defrosting type of this machine arrives in frost free technology.


These fridge shelves are obtained with tempered glass shelves and the color of the refrigerator is Glass black finish.


This has equipped with Air Jet Flow technology that designing purpose is to throw chilled or cooling air on the freezer to refrigerator shelves and to maintaining our food is fresh for longer time.

There is an excellent feature inside the fridges of its 3-Way flexible it on the shelf, you can use it to your needs and you have to convenient items.

The inside refrigerator has a water tank system that consumer fills with water first, then after he/she get ice cubes as automatically without press any button in this refrigerator.


The user has acquired with eminent feature such as Chill Leaking Alarm because your children or family member do not close the door properly or opens the door with more time so the cool air flows to outside and comes inside-outside bacteria then changes the inside and outside temperature levels so your perishable food is damaging fastly. This technology prevents the leakage of outside cooling air and to protect your food in clean and fresh. 

This fridge interior side has come with the Eco-thermal sensor, quick freezing mode, CFC free, slide out fresh room, double deck storage space, inverter control technology, jumbo vegetable tray, high moisture cooling, Nano Titanium Deodorizer.

This fridge outside contains one touch control panel this is placed to the right of the above handle it fully operated by a user controlling with hands.

This refrigerator provides wide lamp feature for identifying rapidly in any spoiled items 

 Or you need what items.

 Energy star:

This fridge energy star is getting with a 4-star energy rating.


This fridge cost is RS 55000 available in India.


Chill leaking alarm.

Quick freezing.


No water and ice dispenser.

No wine rack.


  You can acquire the fridge it builds many more elements and the color is embellished in illuminated conditions.

Hitachi R-M700GPND2 651L Side by Side Door Refrigerator


Hitachi is a Japanese multinational conglomerate company that offers a wide range of products in many years and this has indicated 3 door fridge with the storage space is mentioned by 651liters of capacity. The defrosting type of this appliance is boasted a Frost Free mechanism.


 These refrigerator shelves are decorated with Tempered Glass Shelves and it furnishes a glass black color.


This appliance is ensured with a Mold proof Door Gasket that kills entering of mold or fungus in your refrigerator and also protecting from the dirt so it offers the spill –proof and this is easy to clean. It has 1 Dairy pocket for storing your creamery products like milk, curd, cheese packets that should be managed in chiller place. It has equipped with 3 separate compartments for hoarded affluence of vegetables so it allows in clean cooling air and it maintains optimum humidity levels of approximately 90% so the food items are protected from long lasting freshness. 

This external door has incorporated with elegant Innovative technology that is touch screen controller. By using your fingertip we can change the settings like ice dispenser and water dispenser etc without opening to your refrigerator door. The surface has been achieved with tempered so we sponge easily. In the interior, this fridge is Inbuilt the water tank system and user to fill that tank with 4 liters of water and it makes automatically purified ice cubes from your internal mineral water barrel. In freezer compartment, it contains an Automatic Ice Maker and outside is positioned on water dispenser container for retrieving the water by without opening the fridge door.

 In fridge and freezer includes with led lights for easy to identifying the items.This fridge is backing with two independent dedicated fans for maintaining chilled air that can be delivered to both the refrigerator and freezer compartments. This method is called as dual fan cooling. It comes to a powerful inverter that adjusts the cooling power from high to low depending on the fridge inside and outside temperature and environment conditions. This compressor is in- builds with high quality and longer durability for the usage of many years. This refrigerator feature is Eco Thermo Sensor that detects continuously the temperature changes in inside the machine, whenever a change is absorbed in multi-sensor then the microcomputer responds instantly to adjust optimum cooling power for efficient energy saving at all environment conditions like summer, winter, and rainy seasons.

There is a Nano Titanium Deodorizer Filter that uses Cutting Edge Technology, with the help of tiny particles of TIO2 catalyst so it catches and eliminates 99% of bacteria and odors. The Deodorizer is extracted with no extra energy. It has boasted R600a cooling refrigerant and the durability of this design is produced with environment-friendly and the machine is not damaged to the ozone layer and global warming that is CFC and HFC free. The fridge vegetable drawers are designed with a bigger and it maintains high humidity also to protect the vegetables in crisp and fresh. User to enjoy the easy One-Touch Selection for catching ice cubes, crushed ice, cool water, and this refrigerator no needed in plumbing.

 Energy Star:

 It has come with 5-star energy.


 In India, the cost this appliance is Rs.2,00,000.


 *Nano Deodorizer Filter.

*Mold proof Door.

*water and ice dispenser.


 *No wine bottle shelf.

*No Quick freezing.


 This refrigerator extracts a beguiling feature that is refrigerator interior side can eliminate 99% of bacteria and odors because this has truss with Deodorizer functionality.