Onida 50FKY 48.5 inch Full HD LED TV

Rs. 40000.00 (approx)
Rs. 40000.00 (approx)

Quick Specs:

  •  -full HD 1920 x 1080 pixels

    -Ultra-wide 178° viewing angles
    -KY Thunder Powered Woofer System
    -Optional wall mounting facility 

Televisions have become the biggest source of entertainment in modern times. It is a powerful medium of communicating directly with the people. Today, having a TV in the house is a norm, rather than an exception. Regardless of the financial status, most of the households in India have TVs connected to DTH. Content is being specially developed for television. Onida was a respected name in televisions back in the 90’s. Onida televisions always put an emphasis on sound systems and their TVs feature big bulging speakers at the back and sides. It was one of the top 3 brands in its heyday.  

But it slowly disappeared from the mainstream when new brands started entering the TV market. Now Onida is back with a range of slim LED TVs with the same emphasis on delivering good sound output along with good picture quality. The Onida 50FKY is a 48.5 inch full HD LED Television which comes packed with an included woofer for a rich audio experience along with a high-quality visual experience. It has wide 178° viewing angles and 1000:1 static contrast ratio. There are six speakers included on this television which output at 20W. The Onida 50FKY is available at a price of Rs. 40,000/- in online stores.


The Onida FKY is a flat panel LED television which is sports a black matte finish all over. It has thin bezels which afford it wider 178° viewing angles. The TV comes mounted on a stylish stand, which can be removed if the TV needs to be mounted on a wall or any flat surface. The TV’s controls are located on the back side to keep the front looking clean and uncluttered.

Onida 50FKY 48.5 inch Full HD LED TV Review

The inputs and sockets which are also located at the back include 1 RF (Antenna) input, 2 AV-In inputs, AV-Out, 1 Component input, 2 USB 2.0 inputs, 2 HDMI inputs, 1 VGA-In input and 1 PC Audio-In 3.5mm jack. The included ‘KY Thunder Powered Woofer System’ is mounted on the back of the television. This can be uncounted if the television needs to be mounted on a wall. The woofer weighs 2.5kg and the Onida 50FKY weighs in at 11.35kg.

Onida 50FKY 48.5 inch Full HD LED TV Review Price


The Onida 50FKY delivers good picture quality at full HD 1920 x 1080 pixels resolution. While it may not sound much spread over a big 48.5-inch screen, the pictures are sharp enough and the colours are well-saturated. The screen brightness at 350 cd/m2 is enough to make the colours pop. Colour shifting is minimal even at the extreme 178°m viewing angles. Good contrast also helps incorrect rendering of colours without them appearing washed-out.

Onida 50FKY 48.5 inch Full HD LED TV Review Price specs

The Onida 50FKY is blessed with a plethora of connectivity options which include 2 HDMI ports for streaming digital High Definition content. This television sports ‘Selectable Picture Modes’ which lets the user select from a list of pre-set picture settings. The TV tweaks the gamma curve, colour temperature and brightness to offer 5 presents which include Vivid, Cinema, News, Sports and Normal. Even the colour temperature can be set manually from a selection of Normal, Cool and Warm modes. The aspect ratio of the display can be set according to the content being displayed on the screen.

Onida 50FKY 48.5 inch Full HD LED TV Review Price in india

It can be either 16:9 or 4:3 or it can be set to auto. For content streaming through HDMI or USB, there are five modes supported, 16:9, and 4:3, Zoom 1, Zoom 2 and Auto. It supports PAL, SECAM, and NTSC (Multisystem) playback systems. The Onida 50FKY features 6 speakers, 2 Front Speakers, 2 Woofers, and 2 Tweeters. The front speaker’s output at 10W and he output of the woofer at 25W. The sound system features selectable sound modes which include Flat, Music, Movie and Normal.


·         Onida 50FKY Television

·         Mounting Stand

·         Remote Control (Batteries Included)

·         Wall Mount Accessory

·         Instruction Manual


ü  Ultra-wide 178° viewing angles.

ü  Selectable Picture Modes.

ü  KY Thunder Powered Woofer System.

ü  Selectable Sound Modes.

ü  Optional wall mounting facility.


û  1920 x 1080 resolution is spread thinly over a 48.5” display.


The Onida 50FKY is a solid television system coupled with a powerful sound system. The selectable picture and sound modes grant the user granular control of the entire viewing experience. The 48.5-inch screen and the strong sound system deliver an immersive cinematic experience. Onida’s years of experience and expertise in making excellent televisions shine through here. The price at which the television is available gives excellent value for the buyer’s money.


·         Performance: 4 Stars.

·         Value for Money: 4 Stars.

Onida 50FKY 48.5 inch Full HD LED TV Full Specifications

Brand Onida
Model Name Onida 50FKY 48.5 inch Full HD LED TV
Model ID 50FKY
Star Rating 4
With Stand 1108 X 230 X 700mm
Without Stand 1108 X 81 X 653mm
Environmental Considerations
Operating Temperature
Operating Humidity
Storage Temperature
Storage Humidity
Screen Size 48.5 inch
Screen Curvature
price 54990
Net Weight 11.35 kg.
Display Feature
Screen Type Full HD LED TV
Screen Resolution 1920x1080
3D No
Panel Type Full HD
WIFI direct Na
Headphone Jack FEATURES No
Composite Video Input 1
Component Video Input 1
Sound Output 2
Speakers 20w
Audio Features Na
Aspect Ratio 16:9
LED type Full HD
Other Video Features Na
SMART TV Functions
SMART TV Functions Na
Power Consumption
Power Consumption 25 W
Power Supply 100-240VAC, 50/60Hz
Additional Features
Web browser yes
More Features Na
Warranty 1 year product warra

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