Mitashi HT 2650 BT Bluetooth Speaker

Rs. 3990.00 (approx)
Rs. 2990.00 (approx)

Quick Specs:

  • -frequency response 50Hz ~ 20 kHz

    -speaker output 15W X 2
    -1-year warranty

The Mitashi HT 2650 Bluetooth speaker is an interesting one, packed with many features. It also has this built in FM radio. This is an 80W output speaker. Getting into the review of the Mitashi 2.1 Bluetooth Speaker HT 2650 BT.


The Speaker package contents are Subwoofer Unit – 1, Satellite Speakers – 2, Audio Cable (1.0 m), Remote Control, User Manual, and Warranty Card.


The Mitashi HT 2650 BT 2.1 Desktop speakers come with a large woofer. Unlike other speakers, the speaker has a compact design. In-built radio is available. It looks absolutely beautiful. The chassis is made up of plastic. The subwoofer is quite different but looks nice. There is a small LED display. The speaker grills are made out of metal which makes it strong enough. Talking about the connectivity’s all the slots comes on the back side of the woofer.

Mitashi 2.1 Bluetooth Speaker HT 2650 BT Review

There is a power on/off button. The satellites and the woofer are in glossy black color. The speaker looks decent enough with the black colored design. There are control buttons on the woofer. There is a small LED notification display. Where you can see the working mode. The proportions of the woofer are 320 x 170 x 310 mm and the satellites are 110 x 90 x 200 millimeter. Having a net weight of 6.9Kgs.


Mitashi 2.1 Bluetooth Speaker HT 2650 BT Review Price

Mitashi HT 2650 BT is a 2.1 home theater speaker which consists of one woofer and two satellite speakers. Provided 1-year limited warranty. The stereo jack is too usable. The frequency response is 50Hz ~ 20 kHz. It comes with Bluetooth connectivity with a reach up to 10mtrs. Available USB card reader. The subwoofer output is 50W and satellite speaker output is 15W X 2. The subwoofer speaker driver size is 6.5 inch and speaker satellite is 3 inches.


 The connectivity options are Aux, FM, USB, SD, and Bluetooth.


The Mitashi speaker is compatible with TV, DVD, PC, Laptop, MP3, MP4 player etc.


Mitashi 2.1 Bluetooth Speaker HT 2650 BT Review Price specs

The performance of the speaker is good enough and it does have a hard body. If Yeah, this is compact 2.1 multimedia speakers designed for multipurpose use. It does impart a long lasting operation and stays for longer time. The audio provided is clear and the bass levels are complete. The Mitashi speaker arrives with a fully operational remote control that performs the chore perfectly. I can say that you can easily use for your family party as 80W output is really great.


The Mitashi speaker has a 1-year warranty.


ü  Scandinavian design at its best

ü  Refined sound


û  The body is completely glossy.


Savor the best sound quality with the Mitashi HT 2650 BT 2.1 luxury speakers. The loudspeaker comes with an outstanding lightning woofer and it does give a loud sound and makes you feel terrific and your neighbors envious. The monetary value of the speaker is very less and affordable. The loudspeaker system is available at a cost of Rs 4990/- Snapdeal. The speaker is worth your money.


                   Mitashi 2.1 Bluetooth Speaker HT 2650 BT-4 stars

Mitashi HT 2650 BT Bluetooth Speaker Full Specifications

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