Metronaut MTS003 Android Smartwatch

Rs. 1599.00 (approx)

Quick Specs:

  •  -1.44” TFT display

    -MediaTek MTK6261D processor
    -Health tracking features

‘Metronaut’ was launched by Flipkart earlier in June of this year as their private label for men’s fashion and accessories. The idea is that Flipkart brands locally made accessories and sell it under their Metronaut label. The Metronaut MTS003 smartwatch is a part of Metronaut accessories. It is a small smartwatch with a rounded square dial and a square display. It is a basic smartwatch which is also quite affordable.

The price can be a great differentiator in a crowded market. Even so, it faces a tough competition from the other, more established players in the market. The Metronaut MTS003 is available at a price of Rs. 1,599/- in online stores. Let us take a closer look at this phone in this review.


The Metronaut MTS003 is not particularly a big watch. It has a square dial and a square 1.44” display. Though the display is small, the bezels around it are quite thick making for a significantly bigger looking watch. The body of the watch is made of plastic and is significantly thick. There is no heart rate sensor embedded in the back here. There is a single power button on the right edge of the smartwatch. While on the other end, there is a micro USB port covered with a rubber flap along with a loudspeaker slit and a small hole for the microphone.

Metronaut MTS003 Android Smartwatch Review

Though the body of the smartwatch is plastic, there is a metal plate embedded in the back side of the watch. The straps of the Metronaut MTS003 are made of silicone, which is quite a durable material and is resistant to sweat and other body oils. The phone charges through the covered micro USB port. The design review of this watch reveals a well-built, no-frills smartwatch.


The Metronaut MTS003 has a square 1.44” TFT display. It is a touch-enabled display. The brightness is sufficient for clear outdoor visibility. The colours are a bit muted though.

Metronaut MTS003 Android Smartwatch Review Features

The display has a resolution of 128 x 128 pixels which is not very sharp. Individual pixels can be seen in certain scenarios. But for this price, the display is more than okay.


There is no camera on the Metronaut MTS003 Smartwatch. But once it is connected to any smartphone, it can act as a remote trigger for that smartphone camera.

Metronaut MTS003 Android Smartwatch Review Features Price


The Metronaut MTS003 runs on Android. At its heart is the MediaTek MTK6261D processor. This smartwatch is compatible with Android as well as IOS and thus can be paired with both types of smartphones. Once connected, the user can pick up incoming calls or initiate phone calls directly from the watch itself.

Metronaut MTS003 Android Smartwatch Review Features Price in india

The Li-Ion battery keeps the smartwatch ticking throughout the day. Sadly, there is no protection from the water here. But the phone packs in a Pedometer, Sedentary Reminder and a Sleep Monitor. It has a stopwatch and a remote trigger to control the smartphone’s camera. The performance review of this watch finds it to be a decent performer which will fulfill its duties, limited as they are.

                INSIDE THE BOX:

·         Metronaut MTS003 Smartwatch (with straps)

·         Charging Cable

·         User Manual


ü  Receives notifications from smartphone and allows to act on them.

ü  Allows receiving and initiating calls from the watch itself.

ü  Runs on Android.

ü  Health tracking features.


û  Small battery.

û  No protection from water.


The Metronaut MTS003 is not a full-fledged smartwatch and it doesn’t pretend to be one. It knows its limitations and performs very well within those boundaries. In its limited scope, it is a solid performer. Though design is a very subjective parameter, this watch manages to look dependable and inoffensive.

Throughout this review, the Metronaut MTS003 has performed consistently and it might end up giving good value to the buyer’s money who will recognize and accept its short comings.


·         Performance: 3 Stars.

·         Value for Money: 3 Stars.

Metronaut MTS003 Android Smartwatch Full Specifications

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