LG LWA5GW3A L-Gratis 1.5 Ton window air conditioner

Rs. 27990.00 (approx)

Quick Specs:

  • The dimensions of the air conditioner are 660 x 428 x 770mm. The weight of the unit is 55 Kgs.

LG LWA5GW3A window air conditioner is the latest air conditioner with a 1.5 tonnage capacity supported by a 3-star rating, which is also an addition to the L- Gratis series.


The LG LWA5GW3A L-Gratis looks very cool and nice. It comes in white color. The air conditioner looks quite smaller than others making it look more compactable. It is built in such a way to emit less noise.

It air conditioner do have a very long life with inbuilt high-quality components. It is provided with double protection filter killing the ingrown bacteria and inhibits the germ growth preventing dust from the air. Digital panel provided gives information about the running temperature of the air conditioner.

The panel and swings provide a 4-way air deflection and provide a pleasant air in required direction. To operate manually there are also few buttons available on the digital display.


It comes with a capacity of 1.5 tonnage range with a BEE 3 star rating which denotes the power consumption. The air conditioner comes with the ultimate 4 direction air flow is available with auto air swing in two ways and manual in two ways. Speed setting is also available. It has a noise level of 52 dB which is the quitter. Dehumidification mode is available. Energy saver mode is provided.

LG LWA5GW3A - features

Supplemented with dual protection filter. The AC runs on 230 volts with a single phase connection of 50Hz. Rotary R-22 compressor is embedded. General power consumption is 1610 watts @ 7.4 amps. Remote control is also available. The dimensions of the air conditioner are 660 x 428 x 770mm. The weight of the unit is 55 Kgs. The air circulation is 500CFM with 4850 cooling watts.


LG LWA5GW3A does rock in beating the heat in the best way. It does provide cooling in an efficient way with all the features available. The 5-star rating ensures that electricity bill is maintained low with the reduction in consumption of power supply. The inbuilt components give a long life to the air conditioner making it last for years.

The auto filter cleans the air from bacteria and mold breeding which makes it very safe for even children. The sleep mode creates a perfect sleep environment with the gradual increase in temperature. With Just, one touch on the remote will change your room to a cold climate with faster cooling options. The air conditioner controls the fan which saves power as well as maintains a very good room temperature.


Do you want to escape the summer heat than buy an LG LWA5GW3A window air conditioner which is available at suitable price range with efficient performance? It is available at a price of Rs 29990/-

LG LWA5GW3A L-Gratis 1.5 Ton window air conditioner Full Specifications

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