LG LH70B 2.1 Boom Blast Home Speaker

Rs. 7990.00 (approx)
Rs. 6999.00 (approx)

Quick Specs:

  •  -2.1 channel speaker

    -Portable form factor
    -Included remote control
    -No SD card slot

A good sound system has the capacity to elevate the listening experience to new heights. Even the best home theater cannot deliver the best performance if the sound system cannot keep up with the rest of it. A good sound system has three main components; loudness, clarity of sound and fidelity. But, not everybody can afford expensive sound systems. The LG LH70B is a light-weight and portable set of 2.1 channel Boom Blast surround sound speakers which feature Bluetooth connectivity for wireless streaming input. The whole setup consists of one main subwoofer unit and two satellite speakers. They have a combined peak power output of 70W.

The LG LH70B delivers crystal-clear, distortion-free sound even at the highest volume levels. It features a built-in FM radio with recording and playback facility, which provides hours of entertainment as well as important news and updates. It accepts inputs from various sources like Aux In, USB and Bluetooth. It comes with a 1-year warranty. The LG LH70B is available at a price of Rs. 6,999/- in online stores. Let us take a detailed look at this setup through this review.


The LG LH70B is made up of one main subwoofer unit and two satellite speakers, which together make up a 2.1 channel surround sound setup. They are built out of acoustic-friendly materials to deliver rich audio output. All the system’s controls are located on the subwoofer unit. It is the brains of the setup. The subwoofer is a black box which sports a big circular speaker grill on its face. There is a LED display located on the top-right corner. Two buttons sit beside the display Power and Function. Below the speaker grill sits the big air-intake hole. The rest of the buttons and sockets are distributed around this.

LG LH70B 2.1 Boom Blast Home Speaker Review

There are three rocker buttons for Tuning, adjusting Volume and adjusting Bass. The Tuning buttons do double duty as previous and next. Additionally, there’s also a Play/Pause button. The ports include the USB, the 3.5mm Headphone Jack and a Port In. The two satellite speakers also feature the same design. The only difference here is that the speaker grills have a chrome accent running around them. The satellite speakers can be mounted on walls or and flat surface for getting the best possible performance from the placement. Overall, the design review of the LG LH70B stands out well enough to bring out even the subtlest nuances in the design.

LG LH70B 2.1 Boom Blast Home Speaker Review Price


The LG LH70B delivers awesome performance with a deep and rich audio output, thanks to the acoustic-friendly materials used in its construction and spot-on tuning by LG. It is a 2.1 channel surround sound setup which delivers a punchy bass balanced at the other end by well-rendered mids, highs, and lows. The 2.1 channel allows for a surround sound effect with proper placement of the speakers. The subwoofer has a peak performance output of 40W and the satellites have it at 15W each having a combined peak output of 70W. The LG LH70B accepts inputs from a multitude of sources like AUX In, Portable In, and USB. It also supports wireless streaming input via Bluetooth.

LG LH70B 2.1 Boom Blast Home Speaker Review Price in India

It supports direct DTH connectivity for a rich audio experience. It features FM Radio Playback and Portable In to connect PC, Laptop, Gaming Console or any mobile device directly to the speaker system. You can play music directly from a USB stick, courtesy of the USB Playback feature. The memory card slot is a surprising omission since it is such a convenient medium to play music wirelessly. The performance review of the LG LH70B highlights the excellent sound quality along with the convenience of having multiple as well as wireless input sources.

            INSIDE THE BOX:

·         LG LH70B Subwoofer 

·         2 LG LH70B Satellite Speakers

·         Remote Control (Battery Included)

·         FM Antenna

·         Speaker Cable

·         Portable-In Cable

·         RCA Code (Audio)

·         User Manual


ü  Portable form factor.

ü  LED display on the main unit.

ü  FM radio.

ü  Included remote control.

ü  DTH Connectivity.

ü  Bluetooth enabled.

ü  Multiple input sources.

ü  Acoustic-friendly materials used in construction.


û  No SD card slot.


The LG LH70B is a sturdy set of 2.1 channel speaker set which features an impeccable finish and delivers a rich audio output. The light-weight and portable set sports a fresh design which gives retro vibes while looking sleek and sophisticated. The SD card slot is sorely missed here as it would have completed the set of connectivity options featured here. This review points out the fact that, in spite of the missing SD card slot, The LG LH70B gives excellent values for the buyer’s money.


·         Performance: 4 Stars.

·         Value for Money: 4Stars.

LG LH70B 2.1 Boom Blast Home Speaker Full Specifications

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