Kelvinator KP202PHG 190 Ltr Refrigerator

Quick Specs:

  •  -2 Star BEE Rating 2016; energy efficient

    -Anti-bacterial Gasket
    -No door-open alarm

Refrigerators are the kind of home appliances nobody thinks about until they stop working. And it is a good thing. Home appliances should work in such a way as to provide utility in an unobtrusive manner. Kelvinator Refrigerators have come a long way since the days of wooden cabinets filled with ice used to preserve foods. The refrigerators of today can connect with its owner via the Internet of Things.

The Kelvinator KP202PHG does not have that kind of connectivity. It just does its job without “talking”. It does its job of keeping food fresh and liquids cooled, with minimum fuss. It is your typical double-door refrigerator with a 190 Ltr capacity. The Kelvinator KP202PHG 190 Ltr Refrigerator is available at a price of Rs. 15,490/- in online stores.


The Kelvinator KP202PHG is a double-door refrigerator from the Nutricool Plus series by Kelvinator. Its body is made of ABS plastic and painted to a high gloss finish. The Gulmohar Grey is a deep silvery colour which looks like gunmetal and is decorated with flower patterns which give it a very attractive look. The design runs from the top to the bottom on both the doors. Both the doors open to the right side.

The handles on both these doors are painted silver which provides a nice contrast to the deep Gray colour. The refrigerator is divided into two sections. The regular refrigerator sits at the bottom and the freezer compartment sits at the top with its own door. The freezer at the top features and ‘Manual Twist and Release ice-cube trays. There are two shelves in the main body which are made of toughened glass with the top of the vegetable tray acting like a third shelf.

Kelvinator KP202PHG 190 Ltr Refrigerator Price

The glass shelves can be re-configured to meet requirements. The vegetables tray is sufficiently deep. In the door, there are two bottle racks, a utility shelf, an egg tray and a crisper with a cover. All of these racks are transparent. The built-in lock can come in quite handy whenever there arises a need to lock the refrigerator. The Kelvinator KP202PHG 190 Ltr Refrigerator stands on four rubber feet which provide it stability and grounding. The refrigerator weighs in at 37 kg. The temperature inside can be set/controlled by a manual knob.


Kelvinator KP202PHG 190 Ltr Refrigerator Price and Review

The Kelvinator KP202PHG is certified with a 2-star BEE Rating (2016) for energy savings. It sports a reciprocatory compressor and features Natural Convection Airflow System. The advanced PUF insulation technology and the removable anti-bacterial gasket enhances insulation and strengthens the structure of the refrigerator door. The anti-bacterial gasket also ensures a tight seal and increasing the cooling and the energy efficiency.

Kelvinator KP202PHG 190 Ltr Refrigerator Price and Review specs

The Kelvinator 190 Ltr Refrigerator comes with a built-in deodorizer which helps in curtailing smelly situations inside. The door-open alarm would have been quite useful as an open refrigerator door wastes energy and increases electricity consumption. The rest of the features work as advertised. The power consumption of the Kelvinator KP202PHG is 305 KWh and it does not require a separate stabilizer.


·         Kelvinator KP202PHG Refrigerator

·         User Manual

·         Warranty Card

·         Keys for the built-in lock


ü  2 Star BEE Rating 2016; energy efficient.

ü  Thick Puf Insulation.

ü  Reciprocatory Compressor.

ü  Anti-bacterial Gasket.

ü  Built-in voltage stabilizer.

ü  Flexible tray configuration.

ü  Deodorizer.


û  No door-open alarm.


The Kelvinator KP202PHG comes with two doors and a capacity of 190 Ltr Refrigerator. It will suffice the needs of a small family quite well. With its relatively compact size and the attractive design, it will be a valuable addition to any kitchen. The features and conveniences included at this price point make it a good buy and excellent value for money.


·         Performance: 4 Stars.

·         Value for Money: 4 Stars. 

Kelvinator KP202PHG 190 Ltr Refrigerator Full Specifications

Brand Name Kelvinator
Model Name Kelvinator KP202PHG 190 Ltr Refrigerator
Model ID KP202PHG
Star Rating 2
Deodorizer Type Direct Cool
Capacity 190 L
Type Double Door
No of Doors 2
Body Features
Shelf Material Toughened Glass
Door Handle Yes
Refrigerator Compartment Features
Number of Shelves 2
Egg Tray Yes
Freezer Features
Ice Tray Yes
Weight 37 kg
Net Height 524mm
Net Depth 1238 mm
Net Width 650 mm
Other Features
Other Features Na
Warranty 1 year product warranty

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