JBL Tune Portable Bluetooth Speaker

Rs. 4290.00 (approx)
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Quick Specs:

  •  -Ultra-portable

    -Multiple input sources
    -Sound output could’ve been a bit louder
    -Built-in microphone

With the proliferation of smart phones and tablets, stand-alone media players lost their usefulness and appeal. But not all mobile devices are created equal. This is more evident in the sound department, which is often an overlooked one on a mobile device. With this limitation came the need for portable speakers. A good portable speaker which delivers good audio performance with a good battery life is really hard to come by. JBL Tune Portable Bluetooth Speaker is a multi-function Bluetooth speaker that’s compact, light-weight and stylish. It has an uncomplicated layout and functionality. It is pocket-friendly and fulfills the needs of an on-the-go music lover. It is completely portable and wireless and provides exceptional sound output.

The JBL Tune allows full stereo streaming with any Bluetooth enabled mobile device. It also features a built-in FM radio which provides hours of entertainment. It also features a built-in microphone which enables it to be used as a hands-free system for phone calls or a conference phone system. The JBL Tune Portable Bluetooth Speaker is available at a price of Rs. 4,299/- in India. Let us take a closer look at this portable speaker through this review.


The JBL Tune is a portable speaker which runs on battery and features wireless streaming over Bluetooth. The speaker is flat and has the rounded rectangle shape. It is available in a variety of colours like Silver, Orange, and Blue. It is tapered at the sides. The top part of the speaker is all grill which is made up of drilled holes. There is a pill shaped indentation in the center of this grill which features the JBL logo. This is just a cosmetic element and does not influence the performance in any way. The bottom of the speaker has rubberized feet in order to reduce vibrations when it is placed on any surface. Such vibrations can be quite distracting and detrimental to the audio output.

JBL Tune Portable Bluetooth Speaker review

The rubber feet eliminate the vibrations problem and give it a steady footing on any surface. There is a multitude of ports placed at the back side of the speaker 3.5mm Headphone Jack, Micro USB port, SD Card Slot, USN port and an AUX in Jack. There is a handy LED display at the front side of the speaker. There are six buttons placed on both the sides of the display; Previous, Play/Pause, Next, Volume Down, Volume Up and the Power / Standby button. Overall, the design review of the JBL Tune puts a spotlight on portability and sleek pocketable design which is available in eye-catching colours.


The JBL Tune promises to deliver a strong audio output in a portable form factor. It is primarily a portable Bluetooth speaker meant to enhance the sound output of portable mobile devices which do not carry a strong audio performance on their own. JBL have tuned this speaker to loud and clear, distortion-free audio in a small package. The peak performance output of this speaker is 5W, with a frequency response range of 150Hz ~ 20 KHz. The resulting output has a balanced sound profile which renders most of the sounds near-perfectly.

JBL Tune Portable Bluetooth Speaker review specs

There are two speakers set inside the compact body for stereo sound. The JBL Tune accepts inputs from various sources; USB Drive, Memory Card, Aux In and Wireless Streaming input via Bluetooth. It also packs in a built-in FM radio which provides hours of entertainment and current events. It has a built-in microphone.

So, when the speaker is connected to a smartphone over Bluetooth, it can be used as a hands-free device. It is also useful as a conference phone system if the need arises for it to be used so. The Li-Ion battery lasts for 6 hours of continuous playback before needing to be recharged. The performance review of the JBL Tune highlights its excellent sound quality and the convenience of a built-in microphone.

          INSIDE THE BOX:

·         JBL Tune Speaker

·         Micro-USB Cable

·         Audio Cable

·         Pouch


ü  Ultra-portable.

ü  Wireless streaming over Bluetooth.

ü  Built-in microphone.

ü  Multiple input sources.


û  Sound output could’ve been a bit louder.


The JBL Tune Speaker is a super-portable speaker which gives excellent sound output along with the convenience of a built-in microphone, which doubles its utility as a hands free or phone conferencing tool.

It supports inputs from a multitude of sources including wireless streaming over Bluetooth and FM radio. All throughout this review, the portability and the sound quality of this speaker has been the highlight. The JBL Tune gives excellent value for the buyer’s money.


·         Performance: 4 Stars.

·         Value for Money: 4Stars.

JBL Tune Portable Bluetooth Speaker Full Specifications

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