Intex IT-2400 FMU 2.1 Multimedia Speaker

Rs. 2022.00 (approx)
Rs. 1738.00 (approx)

Quick Specs:

  •  -Portable form factor

    -Built-in FM radio
    -Sound output could have been louder
    -Included remote control

A good speaker system is the backbone of any good entertainment or gaming system. A good set of speakers delivers an immersive audio experience to go along with a good visual experience. A good audio performance is made up of three components; clarity of sound, loudness, and fidelity. Take away even one of them and the experience just falls flat. This is the review of the Intex IT-2400 FMU 2.1 Speaker which has an impressive sound output at affordable prices. With its wide frequency range of 20Hz ~ 20 kHz and a combined peak output of 36W, it makes for an impressive sound package.

Intex speaker has support for USB playback and features a built-in FM radio. It comes bundled with a remote control for convenient operations from a distance. It carries a 1-year warranty. The Intex IT-2400 FMU is available at a price of Rs. 1,889/- in online stores. Let us then review this sound system to find out whether it is the right one for your needs.


The Intex IT-2400 FMU is a set of light-weight and portable 2.1 channel surround sound speakers which deliver a good audio performance at affordable price. It is built out of acoustic-friendly materials which enhance the sound capabilities of the speakers and also help keep the weight down. The speakers are well built and appear quite sturdy. The brain of the system is the main subwoofer unit which houses all the controls and ports. It sports a matte black finish all over with the exception of an arc on the upper side of the face which sports a glossy finish. The controls of the speakers are housed in this arc. It includes a circular LED display which shows track information, etc.

Intex IT-2400 FMU 2.1 Multimedia Speaker Review

The display is surrounded by the digital control buttons laid out in a circular format. There are four buttons, some of them which do double duty in different modes; Standby/Source, Play/Pause + Scan, Previous + Volume Down and Next + Volume Up. Below the arc, housed in a circular depression is the exposed speaker. The satellites share the same design and each one features an exposed speaker which is partially covered by a wavy strip of the speaker grill. They have an unusual oval shape flattened at the top and the bottom. Overall, the speakers are well-made and well-designed and the Intex IT-2400 FMU passes the design review quite easily.


Intex IT-2400 FMU 2.1 Multimedia Speaker Review Price

The Intex IT-2400 FMU features a stand-alone subwoofer for delivering that extra thump to the bass output. The two satellites take care of the mids, highs, and lows. Together they present a balanced sound output to the user and also deliver a surround sound effect with the proper placement of speakers. The frequency response of the woofer is 20Hz ~ 200Hz and that of the satellites is 200Hz to 20 kHz. The subwoofer’s sound output peaks at 20W while the satellites peak at 8W each, making for a combined peak output of 36W.

Intex IT-2400 FMU 2.1 Multimedia Speaker Review Price specs

The speakers accept input directly from various sources in addition to having a built-in FM radio which provides hours of entertainment along with important news and updates. The supplied remote control works quite well and is highly convenient. The Intex IT-2400 FMU delivers great sounding audio output at a very affordable price point.


v  Intex IT-2400 FMU Sub-Woofer

v  2 Intex IT-2400 FMU Satellite Speakers

v  Remote Control (Battery Included)

v  User Manual


µ  Portable form factor.

µ  Included remote control.

µ  Built-in FM radio.

µ  Multiple input sources.


­  Sound output could have been louder.


Even in this short review, we can see that the Intex IT-2400 FMU is a great sounding set of speakers which won’t break your bank. It delivers a good sound output with a few surround sound effects thrown in thanks to its 2.1 channel setup. The sound quality is good and the output is clear. Volumes are a bit low as compared to some other speakers available in this price range. It is missing an SD card slot, which, we feel should have been included here.

The built-in FM is always a good thing to have when you are bored of your collection and want to listen to something new, or old. Finally, I’ll say the review on the Intex IT-2400 FMU 2.1 speaker is great and this is a good to buy a speaker. Though it is missing some utilities, the Intex IT-2400 FMU ends up giving a good value for the buyer’s money.


Ø  Performance: 3 Stars.

Ø  Value for Money: 4 Stars.

Intex IT-2400 FMU 2.1 Multimedia Speaker Full Specifications

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