Intex IT-2000 SB OS 2.1 Multi Speakers

Rs. 1760.00 (approx)
Rs. 1569.00 (approx)

Quick Specs:

  • ü  2.1 Channel

    ü  Compatible with AUX

    ü  Fully functioned remote control

    ü  Digital FM playability

    ü  Power indicator LED

    ü  Rotary type Volume, Bass and Treble controls

A good speaker system is the soul of any good entertainment or gaming system. Without it, everything else is lifeless. A good speaker system is capable of delivering an immersive audio experience. A good audio performance is made up of three components clarity of sound, loudness, and fidelity. The Intex IT-2000 SB OS is a 2.1 channel speaker setup which delivers impressive sound quality at an affordable price.

With a wide frequency range of 40Hz to 20kHz and a combined peak output of 40W, it makes for one impressive sound package. It accepts inputs from multiple sources and features a built-in FM radio. The Intex IT-2000 SB OS is available at a price of Rs. 1,889/- in online stores. Let us then review this sound system to find out whether it is the right one for your needs.


The Intex IT-2000 SB OS is a set of lightweight and portable 2.1 channel surround sound speakers which deliver a good audio performance at affordable price. It is built out of acoustic-friendly materials which enhance the sound capabilities of the speakers and also help keep the weight down. The speakers are well-built and appear quite sturdy. The brain of the system is the main subwoofer unit which houses all the controls and ports. It sports a matte black finish all over with the exception of the front of the speaker which is finished in Silver.

Intex IT 2000 SB OS Speakers dESIG

There is a big air-intake hole at the top of the front face with the three rotary buttons arranged in a vertical line just below it; Volume Button, Bass Adjustment, and Treble Adjustment. Above these knobs is a LED indicator. The satellites are silver square boxes mounted on glossy black stands. Overall, the speakers are well-designed and well-made, and the Intex IT-2000 SB OS passes the design review quite easily.


The Intex IT-2000 SB OS is a 2.1 channel stereo surround sound system. The subwoofer delivers a strong bass performance which is balanced by the mids, highs, and lows from the satellites. The subwoofer has a frequency response range of 40Hz ~ 200Hz and that of the satellites is 200Hz ~ 20kHz. The subwoofer delivers 20W of peak power output and the satellites deliver 10W of peak power output each.

Intex IT 2000 SB OS Speakers price

Together the system puts out a respectable 40W of peak output. The sound quality is loud and clear. All type of music/output shines on this setup. The speakers accept input directly from various sources in addition to the built-in FM radio. The supplied remote control works quite well and is highly convenient. The Intex IT-2000 SB OS delivers good audio at a very affordable price point.


·         Intex IT-2000 SB OS Sub-Woofer 

·         2 Intex IT-2000 SB OS Satellite Speakers

·         Remote Control (Battery Included)

·         User Manual

Intex IT 2000 SB OS Speakers features


ü  Portable form factor.

ü  Included remote control.

ü  Built-in FM radio.

ü  SD Card Slot.

ü  Multiple input sources.


û  Sound output could have been louder.


Even in this short review, we can see that the Intex IT-2000 SB OS is a great sounding set of speakers which is very affordable. It delivers a good sound output with a few surround sound effects thrown in thanks to its 2.1 channel setup. The sound quality is good and the output is clear. Volumes are a bit low as compared to some other speakers available in this price range. The built-in FM is always a good thing to have when you are bored of your collection and want to listen to something new, or old. Though it is missing some utilities, the Intex IT-2000 SB OS ends up giving a good value for the buyer’s money.


·         Performance: 3 Stars.

·         Value for Money: 4 Stars.

Intex IT-2000 SB OS 2.1 Multi Speakers Full Specifications

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