IFB RFFB400 EDWDLS 400 Ltr Double Door Refrigerator

Rs. 52500.00 (approx)

Quick Specs:

  •  -1 Star rating

    -1-year guarantee and compressor
    LED touch screen

IFB Company releases 400 liters of the model such as EDWDLS, this is Bottom Mounted Freezer with an entire size of storage space is 355 liters that mean the potential of the refrigerator is engrossed in 275 liters and freezer area is seized 100 liters of the larder . This fridge has acquires an automatic defrosting and the dimensions of this appliance come with 700x700x187. The weight of this machine is provided in 77.60KG (171.0 pounds).
The handle type of this external machine is laminated in Chrome trim that is finished in Aluminium Brush so the haft is very robust for open and closing of this fridge portal and door bins are represented with transparent it means patiently visible what we have placed and that are aligned with curve (Arc) model. Outdoor of the fridge is displayed in Linux Steel colour and Interior of the cabinet is finished in LX Gray. 
This fridge shelves are attained on 3 Glass shelves, these are easy to disinfect and the good disposition is very well. These Freezer shelves are developed in Transparent Plastic or acrylic glass these are also called safety glasses. This type of glasses carries towering light for easy to concede of fruits and vegetables.
IFB refrigerators come with the modern feature that is reversible door system, user to change any directions either left or right of your fridge doors for opening and closing so the operations are performed based on your convenient. Your fridge contains an independent internal damper control and the cooling operation has operated with automatic so it passes the chilled air in the freezer through refrigerator, it retains your food in longer freshness.
In your Crisper Drawer, it has inserts with Flap Humidity controller or Moisture Balance crisper system that assists in maintaining perfect moistening levels and it boosts longevity of freshness. In single door refrigerators the temperature settings are designed in internal side then you can change the temperatures levels to open your fridge after altering the temperature positions so the inside cooling flows to outside and outside air is pass to inside then your vegetables or food materials are spoiled fatly but this issue is overcome by this IFB company that is LED Touchscreen it has placed in outside on the fridge so we can changes the temperature settings in outside then cooling is not to flow outside.
IFB 400EDWDLS  fridge review specs
This fridge has the notable air flow design feature that allows perfect and steady cooling thus maintaining food fresher for longer. This fridge furnishes an exemplary 5 cooling modes that are Eco mode, holiday mode, drink cool mode, super cool mode, and super freeze mode. If the party needs more ice, this fridge has built Ice Forward Fast mode that helps to ready ice within minutes.
Your refrigerator has the separate convertible box that accepts fewer temperature because chocolate and pies, ice cream, biscuits are stored at that temperature. These temperature settings are not allowed in other compartments thus requires high or low temperature based on while we have placed in what type of food items.  This fridge provides 2 egg trays for storing your eggs on comfort and security. It consists of 2 plane ice trays we can achieve more ice cubes on this freezer compartment. It has a 1 bottle rack for saving water and tasty bottles it placed in the link between the two shelves. It has built-in open door alarm because our fridge door is opened in too long that the door has not closed properly so it wastes more energy and increases the temperature after spoiling the nutrition food. Once this alarm is used as to prevent these types of problems because the alarm informs alert notifications for you. It also door locking functionality for your groceries are protecting with more from your children.
It has a unique feature that is to store with helpful of cutting onions, lemons, and other vegetables. These vegetables are maintained optimal temperature and preserved the long period of time. By using this to avoid bad smells and aroma in your refrigerator. It contains 2 vegetable tray boxes that means1 tray is for storing fresh vegetables like tomatoes, potatoes other as reserved in leafy vegetables. This fridge inner side is located in LED internal lighting system that maintains food from fumbling and spilling in dark light conditions. Your fridge door is opened in other persons items are looked with gorgeous and it helps controlling leakage and to change items in various directions.
It uses R600a cooling refrigerant. This refrigerator builds with dual sensors for controlling the passing of heavy temperature into the freezer and refrigerator compartments from outside. Ice creams are equipped in the top compartment at the super low temperature and to keep fresh able vegetables are placed in bottom compartment. IFB provides special feature for drinking the water by using water dispenser container, we get chilled water and fresh, not allowing bad smells and to prevent energy loss from without opening your refrigerator door. It produces Freeze pack that means it keeps the cool air in the freezer sections halt food from spoiling during power cuts.
In some fridges have not included in 4-roller functionality that fridge removing one place to another place fully depends on user's hands but this fridge contains 4 roller feet user can throw with hands it’s easy to move in anyplace and cleaning is easier. User to store huge bread items by using the bread box container in your refrigerator. This Anti-Fungal Door cover strength is to stop the entry of Bactria, the growth of fungi in this interior of the fridge.
IFB400EDWDLS boasts 1 Star rating that means This Refrigerator and freezer gains more energy so additional electricity is preoccupied that means our current bill extra cutting.
This machine is received on 1-year guarantee and compressor is boasting with 4 years warranty.


This fridge builds with more attributes that are 400 liters of storage, water dispenser and freeze packs, open door alarm, LED touch screen, reversible door system etc. This fridge is the difficulty for purchasing in low budget cable consumers due to the cost very precious with the price tag of Rs.48, 925 available in India.

IFB RFFB400 EDWDLS 400 Ltr Double Door Refrigerator Full Specifications

Brand Name IFB
Model Name IFB RFFB400 EDWDLS 400Ltr Double Door Refrigerator
Star Rating 1 Star
Deodorizer Type Yes
Capacity 400 L
Type Double Door
No of Doors 2
Body Features
Shelf Material Toughened Glass
Door Handle Aluminium brush finish
Refrigerator Compartment Features
Number of Shelves N/A
Egg Tray Yes
Freezer Features
Ice Tray Yes
Weight 77.60 Kg
Net Height 1870 mm
Net Depth 700 mm
Net Width 700 mm
Other Features
Other Features Ultra Chilling System, Freeze Packs, Quick Freezer Zone, Convertible Box, Multi- Air Flow System, Ice "Fast Forward",Cooling Programmes/Modes, Independent Controls, Space Smart, Water Dispenser, Twin Vegetable Trays, Bread Box, Fresh Lock, Bottle Rac
Warranty 1 year on machine + 4 year on compressor

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