iBall Tarang V16 2.1 Home Theater Speaker

Rs. 4384.00 (approx)
Rs. 3349.00 (approx)

Quick Specs:

  •  -2.1 surround sound system

    -sound output stops at 18W 
    -Built-in FM radio

A good speaker setup is an integral part of a good gaming or a home theater system. A bad sound system drags the entire experience down with its dismal performance. Similarly, a good setup will elevate the gaming or cinematic experience to new highs. iBall is a company which started out as a computer peripherals maker.

Now, they have added affordable smartphones and tablets to their range of products. Among peripherals, they also specialize in making affordable iBall speakers setup which delivers the good audio experience. The iBall Tarang V16 is one such 2.1 Channel Multimedia Speaker System which delivers good sound quality at an affordable price.

 It even comes bundled with a remote control for convenience in operation. The speaker setup consists of 2 tweeters and 1 subwoofer unit which together have a peak output of 18W. It supports input from multiple sources and even has a built-in FM radio. It comes with a 1-year warranty. The iBall Tarang V16 speakers set is available at a price of Rs. 1,800/- in online stores and get the full review.


The iBall Tarang V16 is a set of portable and light-weight 2.1 surround sound system which features a sturdy build and acoustic friendly materials for a rich audio output. The setup consists of 1 main subwoofer unit and 2 satellite speakers. The design of the sub-woofer unit is minimalistic, with just a LED and a power button and iBall branding visible on the front. The fascia features an arc which runs horizontally across the top of the subwoofer’s face. There are two distinct textures divided by the arc.

iBall Tarang V16 2.1 Home Theater Speaker Review

There is a big hole surrounded by a glossy plastic ring to let out the sound from the sub-woofer. The subwoofer stands on four rubber feet so that the sound vibrations are not transferred to the surface it is standing on. The 2 satellites have a curved front side which features the same arc design. The front side of both the satellites is dominated by a big speaker grill. There is iBall branding at the bottom printed on a glossy plastic insert. The whole setup looks a bit retro but not by much. Overall, the iBall Tarang V16 is a sturdy well-designed set of speakers.


iBall Tarang V16 2.1 Home Theater Speaker Review price

The iBall Tarang V16 is a 2.1 channel speaker system which delivers a punchy bass and clear highs and lows while giving a surround sound effect. This speaker setup manages to pull it off quite effectively for a 2.1 channel set. The frequency response starts from a low 35Hz and goes up to 20 kHz which is quite a broad range. The sound output stops at 18W. The included remote control works quite well.

iBall Tarang V16 2.1 Home Theater Speaker Review price in India

The speaker accepts input from multiple sources including Aux (3.5mm), USB and microSD. Additionally, an FM radio is also built into the subwoofer unit to augment the available external sources. The bass is punchy and the highs and lows are crystal clear. All-in-all, there are no issues regarding the performance of this setup. As always iBall delivers on the quality aspect of their products.


·         iBall Tarang V16 Sub-Woofer 

·         2 iBall Tarang V16 Satellite Speakers

·         Remote Control (Battery Included)

·         3.5mm Audio Cable

·         User Manual


ü  Portable form factor.

ü  Included remote control.

ü  Built-in FM radio.

ü  Multiple input sources.


û  No LED display on the sub-woofer.


The iBall Tarang V16 speakers is an extremely well-designed and well-built set of 2.1 channel speakers. They adopt a minimalist design language that says “Less is more”. They are designed to stand out, not visually, but acoustically. The speakers deliver clean sound output. The built-in FM radio and the included remote control add more value to an already-attractive deal. These speakers definitely give an excellent value for the buyer’s money.


·         Performance: 4 Stars.

·         Value for Money: 4 Stars.

iBall Tarang V16 2.1 Home Theater Speaker Full Specifications

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