Hitachi 1.2 Ton 5 Star RAU514HWDD Split Ac

Rs. 29965.00 (approx)
Rs. 31990.00 (approx)

Quick Specs:

  • -5-star

    -cooling capacity of 4050 watts

    -1-ton capacity


This is an air conditioner that provides robust cooling and available at a decent price. It is a 1-ton air conditioner with a BEE star rating of 5. The sizzling hot temperatures make us buy air conditioners and this is a wonderful air conditioner with reasonable price.


The Hitachi RAU514HWDD air conditioners are designed to suit modern interior houses. It comes with a very modern and luxurious look. The plastic front panel doesn’t feel anywhere cheap. It comes in white and gray combination where gray comes at the borders. 

It comes with the nice smooth finish and a logo to the center which is blue in color. Comes with reliable and high-quality components which are made up of galvanized steel. It does come with an LCD digital display and LED lights for knowing the current working temperature and mode.

The indoor unit shall be operated by remote and no manual buttons are available. The auto air guide is completely automatic and doesn't try to move it with hand. The air conditioner is of split type. The air conditioner is supplemented with an LCD display remote which is very cute.


The Hitachi RAU514HWDD air conditioner is a wall mountable split type device with the latest smart technology making the Air conditioner a very efficient performer. It is a 1-ton capacity Air Conditioner. With a cooling capacity of 4050 watts.

The indoor unit dimensions are 830 x 290 x 220 mm and weight around 10 Kgs. The dimensions of the outdoor unit are 750 x 548 x 288 mm and weight of the outdoor unit is 38.2 kgs. It has a noise level of 52 dB for outdoor unit and 34db for the indoor unit.

Hitachi RAU514HWDD ac review specs

The air conditioner is supplemented with a warranty period of 5 yrs on the compressor and 1-year body warranty. Provided with On/Off Timer With Advanced Start-Up, Digilock, One Touch Silent Fan Speed, and Refrigerant-R22.


The Hitachi RAU514HWDD air conditioner looks stylishly hot and cools the room in a very good way. The cool air flows the entire room evenly. It really does work well in any climatic conditions. The internal components are very strong and give a long lasting performance.

As it is a 5-star air conditioner the power consumption is quite nominal. The modes provided like dry mode turbo mode sleep mode does a very good job. With the help of the auto guider, the air flow can be adjusted to the required area.  It is suitable for small rooms. It is provided with a dust filter.


The Hitachi RAU514HWDD air conditioners are always the best. It performs like a beast even in very hot summers. You will never know the hot summers passing with this air conditioner. It is simply amazing. It is available at a price around Rs 34,200/- @ Flip Kart India.

Hitachi 1.2 Ton 5 Star RAU514HWDD Split Ac Full Specifications

Hitachi 1.2 Ton 5 Star RAU514HWDD Split Ac Reviews

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