Carrier Ester Pro 3 Star 1.5 Ton Split AC

Rs. 37599.00 (approx)

Quick Specs:

  •  -3 Star energy rating

    -PM 2.5 Micron Filter
    -Remote Control (Batteries included)
    -Refrigerant Leakage Detector
    -cooling capacity of 5000W

The air-conditioner, nowadays, is no more a luxury but a necessity; even an investment in good health. The air-conditioner filters out the dust and pollution in the air to deliver clean and healthy air. This is especially important when there’s a child or a baby in the house. Carrier is one of India’s leading name in air-conditioners and cooling solutions with years and years of experience in this field. This is the review of Carrier Ester Pro 3 Star 1.5 Ton split AC which features a copper condenser for longevity and efficiency in functioning.

It features an energy-efficient compressor which delivers optimum performance while saving on the electricity. It also includes a PM 2.5 Micron filter to rid the air of harmful pollutants and effluents. The Carrier Ester Pro 3 Star 1.5 Ton is available at a price of Rs. 30,999/- in online stores. In this review, we are going to take a closer look at this air-conditioner.


The Carrier Ester Pro 3 Star is a 1.5 Ton split AC which features a copper condenser for efficiency and optimum cooling performance. The outdoor compressor is made of metal and painted white. It is a typical box-type outdoor unit. The indoor unit is made of strong ABS plastic and is also painted white. The design is the all-familiar elongated box with swinging vents at the bottom. The Carrier logo and the Ester Pro branding feature very prominently on the face. The LED display and the LED indicator lights are hidden behind the vents.

Carrier Ester Pro 3 Star 1.5 Ton Split AC review

They are visible once the AC is switched on and the vents are open. The LED display shows the temperature set on the AC. There is a small graphic printed on the left side of the internal unit. The airflow and the vents can be controlled from the supplied remote control. The remote control has its own LCD display which shows the temperature and other information. The outdoor unit weighs 34kg and the internal unit weighs 10.5kg. The Carrier Ester Pro 3 Star stand up rather strong in the design review.


Carrier Ester Pro 3 Star 1.5 Ton Split AC review specs

The Carrier Ester Pro 3 Star comes with a 3-Star BEE rating of efficiency, which denotes that this is one of the more energy-efficient air-conditioners available in the market. It has a rated cooling capacity of 5000W with an airflow rate of 550 CFM. The compressor has a copper condenser which helps in the efficient performance and lasts for a long time.  The i-Sensor revises the differences occurring due to different installation heights of the indoor unit. The 4-Stage Ionizer releases negative ions to disinfect and diminish bad odors in the room.

Carrier Ester Pro 3 Star 1.5 Ton Split AC review specs price

It also gathers house dust, pollen and other micro particles responsible for allergies to create a healthy relaxing environment. The 3-in-1 Microbes Filter is a combination of Cold Catalyst, Vitamin C and Nano Platinum filter which is effective in removing tobacco smoke, dust, pollen and mold spores. In the Follow Me function the main unit interacts with the extra sensors built directly into the remote control ensuring the optimum temperature all throughout the room. The Carrier Ester Pro 3 Star also features an early warning system which turns off the AC if any refrigerant leakage is detected. It reduces humidity in the air with a NexGen dehumidifier which reduces the growth of mold and mildew. This AC is programmed to automatically resume functioning after a power outage. The review of its performance throws up no surprises and it performs consistently, just as expected.

           INSIDE THE BOX:

µ  Carrier Ester Pro 3 Star Main Unit

µ  Carrier Ester Pro 3 Star Blower Unit

µ  Remote Control (Batteries included)

µ  Connecting Pipes and Wires

µ  User Manual

µ  Warranty Card


v  3 Star energy rating.

v  LED display on the indoor unit.

v  Anti-Bacteria Filter.

v  Dust Filter.

v  PM 2.5 Micron Filter.

v  Refrigerant Leakage Detector.


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This review makes it clear that the Carrier Ester Pro 3 Star is a consistent performer and it also delivers great savings through an energy-efficient performance. The compressor works silently without putting too much strain on the resources. The filters do their job well by cleaning out the pollutants and effluents from the air. All the utilities coupled with the 5-year warranty on the compressor give excellent value for the buyer’s money.


Ø  Performance: 4 Stars.

Ø  Value for Money: 4 Stars.

Carrier Ester Pro 3 Star 1.5 Ton Split AC Full Specifications

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