Carrier CACW18EA3W 18K Estra 3 Star AC

Rs. 26249.00 (approx)
Rs. 30990.00 (approx)

Quick Specs:

  •  -3-Star BEE

    -LED display on the control panel
    -Consumes lots of electricity in the ‘Powerful Airflow’ mode
    -Energy-efficient Compressor 

The air-conditioner has become a must-have appliance in these polluted times. This is especially true if there is a baby or a child in the house. It then becomes an investment in good health in the existing unhealthy environment. Carrier is one of India’s leading cooling solution providers and has years of expertise and experience in this field. The Carrier AC which features a Copper condenser and an energy-efficient compressor for savings along with a powerful performance. It carries a dust filter to scrub the air of all the dust and pollen and deliver clean, breathable air. The Carrier CACW18EA3W 18K Estra 3 Star 1.5 Ton Window AC is available at a price of Rs. 24,990/- in online stores. Let us take a closer look at this AC through this review.


The Carrier CACW18EA3W 18K Estra 3 Star is a window AC with the typical boxy form factor which has not changed over the years. The front faceplate is made of strong ABS plastic whereas the rest of the body is made of metal. Unlike split ACs, there is only one unit which houses the compressor and well as the blower fan. This makes it noisier than the split AC whose compressor unit is placed outside the room. This window AC can be fitted in a window or an opening made especially for the AC. It weighs in at 56kg. Since the blower and the compressor are housed in the same unit, there is no need for external pipes and tubes connecting the two parts. The blower vents are located on the right side of the AC’s face.

Carrier CACW18EA3W 18K Estra 3 Star AC Review

The outer vents are painted red along with the filter net’s handle, which sticks out. Below the vents is the control panel of the AC. It also has the same red coloured background with white markings. It also houses the LED display which shows the current set temperature. The control panel also houses the Power Button, the Menu Button, the high and low buttons and some LED indicators for Mode, Fan Speed, Smart Diagnosis, Energy Saver and Powerful Air Flow. The rest of the AC’s face is taken up by the ‘Concentric Arcs’ design, behind which lies the filter net. The faceplate of the Carrier 18K Estra 3 Star CACW18EA3W also carries the Carrier logo and Estra branding. It comes with a bundled remote control which has no LED display. Overall, the design review of this AC passes the scrutiny with flying colours.


The Carrier CACW18EA3W 18K Estra 3 Star is certified with a 3-Star BEE Rating, which makes it one of the more energy-efficient air-conditioners available in the market. It has a rated cooling capacity of 5250W. The compressor is one of the more powerful ones available and the cooling performance is wonderful. It cools a medium-sized room within minutes without putting any undue load on the compressor. It has a copper condenser which lasts for a long time and is energy-efficient.

Carrier CACW18EA3W 18K Estra 3 Star AC Review Price

It has a ‘Powerful Airflow’ mode which allows the fan to work at speeds above the maximum level and helps in rapid cooling. However, this feature consumes more energy than is required for daily operations. At the other end of the scale, it has an ‘Energy Saver’ mode which runs the AC at optimum energy levels. While this mode saves energy, the cooling performance might be affected. The filter net at the front is easy to remove and clean. The fan works at three speeds; low, mid and high. There’s also an auto mode for the fan speed.

Carrier CACW18EA3W 18K Estra 3 Star AC Review Price in India

The Carrier CACW18EA3W 18K Estra 3 Star itself has three modes; Fan, Cool and Dry. The dust filter removes all the dust and particulates from the cooled air before it is delivered. In addition to the remote control, there’s also a dedicated control panel to operate the AC. This AC uses R22 refrigerant. The airflow from the AC is a four-way airflow which provides even cooling throughout the room. The performance review of the AC is the just top notch.


{ Carrier CACW18EA3W 18K Estra 3 Star

{ Remote Control (Batteries included)

{ User Manual

{ Warranty Card


[ 3 Star energy rating.

[ LED display on the control panel.

[ Dust Filter.

[ Energy-efficient Compressor.


v  Consumes lots of electricity in the ‘Powerful Airflow’ mode.


The Carrier CACW18EA3W 18K Estra 3 Star is an energy-efficient air-conditioner which is also a powerful performer. It comes with a 5-yrear warranty on the compressor and is backed by Carrier’s vast expertise and experience. All-in-all, this AC gives excellent value for the user’s money.


Ø  Performance: 4 Stars.

Ø  Value for Money: 4 Stars.

Carrier CACW18EA3W 18K Estra 3 Star AC Full Specifications

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Rahul -

Please do not buy carrier AC. Gas leakage within 1 year. Service is worst.

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