LG NP1540 Bluetooth Portable Speaker



In this review, we are going to have a quick look at LG NP-1540W Bluetooth Portable Speaker. This is a beautifully designed portable speaker for connecting your smartphones, tablets laptops or other devices. If you want a pretty good sound output when you are outside or traveling this may be a good choice for you as this is a portable Bluetooth speaker.


Coming to the design you see LG NP-1540W Bluetooth Portable Speaker is a compact design and has a good finishing a hard body. The speaker unit is at the top. It has a rechargeable battery. So these are the buttons available. So we have the power button and the controls for increasing the volume and decreasing the volume and there is also a forward button.

Power on and off button is also available. Coming to the branding it is present on the face of the speaker which is in gray color. The power button is also clearly named. The body of the speaker is really hard and at the top comes the speaker mesh which is metal. This is a well-built speaker. On the rear panel,

                                             LG NP-1540W-speaker

you have the left and right combos and a power slot for charging and there is also a 3.5mm audio jack slot. It is provided with a USB cable and a 3.5mm audio jack on the box. This is an easily carriable and compact design. The device is available in black and white colors. The dimensions of the device are 83 x 83 x 95mm. The weight is 370grams.


This is a Column Portable Bluetooth with Built -In Rechargeable Battery which provides around 5 hrs battery life. This is a 2.8w Bluetooth speaker. Consumers power around 0.42w and 0.07 on standby mode. Micro USB cable and 3.5mm audio jack accessories are available.

                                             LG NP-1540W-speaker


LG NP-1540W Bluetooth Portable Speaker device gives the high-quality audio experience with this amazing compact design which is the best. The device can be connected with another speaker which gives an excellent audio output with a great stereo. The working and pairing are very simple. The Bluetooth button is also present to on the Bluetooth mode.

                                             LG NP-1540W-speaker

It also blinks in red color while pairing. The clarity is really amazing. I even connected to my desktop which worked perfectly fine and is very loud. The overall performance is pretty good and impressive.

                                             LG NP-1540W-speaker

The looks are simple and elegant. The best thing about this device is its speaker is present at the top which gives a sound which is not directional and feels more comfortable while a group of friends is using it.


LG NP-1540W is an amazing and wonderful Bluetooth speaker from the LG Company and you will absolutely fall in love with this device. The price of the device is around is Rs 4490/- And you can buy this for lesser prices on other shopping site or else nearby stores.